Friend (28) – The backyard friends

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backyard friend 01

Backyard is not only a place for laundry or cooking matters.  Backyard is a place where I could natters and observes my green friends grow.  Though, space is a concern and constraint, we have to live with it.  To me, space is not about how much you own, it’s all about how much you’re optimizing it.

 We can’t change the size of the box, but we are able to change the setting within.  A potted plant wouldn’t obstruct our movement so much.  But when you feel so sick about the piled up laundry and the undone dishes, take a glance at this little green fairy, it’s smiling at you.  You would be sure, all along you are not doing the mundane work alone.



backyard friend 03

Sometimes, they will laugh over my cooking skill.


backyard friend 02

Sometimes, they feel so shy to tell you.


backyard friend 04

Sometimes, they just can’t breath over the oily stuffs and trying to jump out of the window.


backyard friend 05

You can consider owning air plant, if space is really constraints.


backyard friend 06

Some are slim and elegant.


backyard friend 07

Some are just very space compromising.


backyard friend 08

Most importantly, we need a space for green within ourselves.


We need a friend, and you’ve got a friend.

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we need friend 01This is a group of friends I get to know during my language enhancement course the year before.  We got a chance to get around this Chinese New Year.  Snap some photos after our meals.  The treat is awesome but the gathering is even better than anything on the table.

We need friends all the time, we all know.  Especially, the unsurmountable bond that we has shared, it can’t even be measured through times.  Friends are not only beneficial to our well being, exchanging of ideas and care are just as important.  So, I always make an effort to call or message my friends to see how they are doing and it’s purely out of my hearty concern.

we need friend 02I’m glad I got to know these few classmates through this path of my life.  What has brought us together is just like what has brought us on this earth.  Be it for a reason or not, it’s not important to know.  The crucial point is we have been through the fun and have come a long way through the course structure.  It’s just like a curvy stream, it’s cooling and smiley as a whole.

That goes the same as the law of nature.  We need water and care for the green.  Do not discard the withered, when the leaves turn yellow.  Not capturing the best side of all, but the ups and downs in fact.  That makes life more vibrant.

we need friend 03

Stretchy Song

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stretchy song 01

Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Stretch my arm

Stretch my body

Stretch my ligaments

Stretch my face

Stretch it to the limit

Ready for the race

Stretch to the other side of the green

To get the praise

Stretch it to the limit

To get a better day

stretchy song 02

Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Stretch my paws

Stretch my tail

Stretch my nose

Stretch my ears

Stretch it to the limit

Ready for the race

Stretch it for a better waist

To get a better praise

Stretch it to the limit

To get a happy day

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Stretch my fingers

Stretch my brain

Stretch my shoulders

Stretch my waist

Stretch it to the limit

Ready for the race

Stretch it for a better day

Hoping for a praise

Stretch it to the limit

To get a better pay

Sunshine on My Shoulders

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Sydney dedicates this lovely song to all his Followers and Future Blogger friends by witness the sunshine on the earth’s shoulder this morning!

sun shine15

sun shine01

sun shine02

sun shine03

sun shine04

sun shine05

sun shine06

sun shine07

sun shine08

sun shine09

sun shine10

sun shine11

sun shine12

sun shine14

sun shine13

Green green grass of home

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green green grass of home 01

We all live in a house where floor is in leafy green, ceiling in vast blue.

Wall paintings are either sun or moon.

No walls, no wars and no rooms!

We are all lived in the green green grass of home.

green green grass of home 08

We are tiny but we cater for many…

green green grass of home 02

We are the stars of the Eco Galaxy.

green green grass of home 04

We believe humbleness.

green green grass of home 03

We believe simplicity.

green green grass of home 09

We believe austerity.

green green grass of home 05

We believe accommodation.

green green grass of home 06

We believe, we are not the only frail one who swaying in the wind.

green green grass of home 07

We believe we take equal share, whether the sun is big or small, cause we all lived on the same land!

Friend (27) – My yummy day

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yummy day 04

I didn’t finish up the yam I bought the last moon-cake festival, it’s still lying in my fridge for several months.

yummy day 01

By chance, I took out one of them and decided to grow it in a pot.  I treat it as part of my lucky prediction, I guess…!  Incredibly, it started to grow within a few days!  The process reminds me that things are just there all along, we just need to be patient and wait for the time to ripe.

yummy day 05

Sometimes, we believe to be efficient, we need to get things done immediately.  But sometimes, it just doesn’t work that way and the results may not turn out in your favor.  Then, we feel frustrated and miserable; hence to buy more time is the priority we have to approach.

yummy day 02

No doubt, there isn’t a deadline to stomach this piece of yam, but still, a sense of guilt creep in, as I never finish up my food.  But gladly, by not consuming it, give the yam an un-expecting livelihood and gave me a chance to relate this wonderful story.

yummy day 03

The yam makes its way out of the other side of the green.  It’s vital enough to inspire hope on us.  Just as you thought life is withering, it could be just the beginning, like the pearl drop.

yummy day 06

How can I bear to finish him up and burp with contentment?  Just as my wish for this year need to be justified.  I wish him a speedy growth.  So that he can be my umbrella, shade me underneath his arm from the sun and rain.

We shall weep, hug each other and watch the sun go down together.

Thank you, my friend!

The saga of a lovely Saga tree

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saga tree 02

Saga tree (Adenanthera pavonina) is one of the top popular trees in Singapore.  By saying that, we wish to imagine its presence but sometimes without even knowing its existence.

saga tree 01

The Saga tree is hardy and fast growing species.  It can grow like a giant in 15-20m tall and widely spread out to provide shade and like a welcoming kind father.

Bu courtesy of
Bu courtesy of

The fruits pods of this tree contain scarlet seeds, each of the 4 seeds make up 1 gram.  In the past, it is widely used on gold and silver as a weight measurement.

By courtesy of
By courtesy of

The red seeds are a well-know love seeds among all warm and solicitude heart.  Some like to collect it and store it up in bottle for their love ones.  Some prefer to stitch it up forming a necklace and some place it to form a heart-shape.

saga tree 02

saga tree 04

This Saga tree is located at Botanic gardens.  He treated his fern fans as his own family.  Surrounded with their friendship and love.  They lived together and share the wide blue sky.  Spreading love-seeds to passer-bys, it also naturalized through out Malaysia and Africa.  This is the core soul of Saga tree, the saga never fail to entice!

Spring has come

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spring has come 02

Spring has come.

From all direction, outside the door step.

Along the street.

Waving at you!

spring has come 08

An unknown tree, but old pals!

Always cheer me up on the street, from one end to another.

 spring has come 09

It comes from the top.

spring has come 05

It comes from the side.

spring has come 10

It comes from all direction!

spring has come 06

Since he was young and silent.

spring has come 03

Now he  has grown up as Laughter!

spring has come 04

And they group together as Cheerleading!

spring has come 07

They sing loudly!

They are everywhere!

In spring!

Tree in the staircases

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There are plenty of scenes to enjoy in plant world.  We can stroll along the forest, watching wild plants lavishly growing under the sky or make a trip to the garden watching the sunray seeping through the leaves in between.

But this dedicated scene was captured at the border of the Orchard district outside the SOTA.


This is just a tree and it is just one tree!

Standing alone and above all, together with this sleek building.  Encompassed with grandeur where buildings, staircases and even roads have to give way to him.  It must be an unusual tree, I believe.  Given the careful design of the surrounding, I’m sure this tree must have some history behind to share.


Shadow of the tree shades the building from the sun, and the wall naturally washed-out by nature’s providence.


Huge tree is growing larger than it’s expected.  How are they going to make way for their soaring height?


Inconspicuous aluminum air-vents allow the rooting of the plant to breathe.

It’s great to see this tree being retained by the authority concerned and be part of our nation.  And even more glad, to see green mind blossoming within a city!

31) Seed Song

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seed song 01

I got a rubber tree seed

That’s seeking a place to please

I show him around my home, invite him for a sit

He looks happy

And start to present me his speech

What a joyful thing I have seen

What a lovely guy he is

Footing in the forest

Harmonize with the green

This is our home sweet dream

seed song 02

I got a pine tree seed

That’s seeking for a place to live

I show him my pine wood seats

He’s dancing happily

And singing in high pitch

What a joyful thing I have did

What a kind guy he is

Standing in the forest

Harmonize with the green

This is our home sweet dream

seed song 04

I got a coniferous tree seed

That’s seeking for a place to ease

I show him my cozy seats

He’s singing happily

And toasting in high spirits

What a joyful thing I have seen

What a simple guy he is

Standing under the moon

Harmonize with the green

This is our home sweet dream

Our three guy’s dreams