Qingming Festival

They are not lonely at all

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choa chu kang cemetery 01

Today is the last day of Qing Ming festival. According to Chinese believes, Qing Ming duration stretch over 20 days that is before and after 10 days of the actual Festive season.

The Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is the biggest cemetery in Singapore, located at west side of the island that takes approximately an hour to reach from my home.

This is the only burial cemetery left in operation but this also proves that many friends will be known in this special community.

My ancestors are somewhere there, the rest are their friends, a group of long living friends!

choa chu kang cemetery 02

This Golden Shower tree is a very special friend of everybody. He is the Guard man of this senior home as well as the directional sign.

choa chu kang cemetery 03

Some, they like to wave at you and show you the colorful smile over this windy season!

choa chu kang cemetery 04

Some, they prefer stay green for lifetime on your head!

choa chu kang cemetery 05

Some like us; be a green follower!

choa chu kang cemetery 06

And some are so sweet and beautiful!

choa chu kang cemetery 07

Some are very union, putting effort to get close to each other and cheer up the environment.

choa chu kang cemetery 08

That’s why I’m glad they are not lonely at all…

A Hello to QingMing

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qingming 01

Long before I could recall, the day has arrived again. 

Today, I spent a trip down to Mount Vernon Sanctuary to pay respect to my ancestors on this QingMing Festival.  QingMing (also known as Tomb Sweeping Day) is a big day and a yearly day of observance to most Chinese.  It is a day to remember and pay respect to their late ancestors.  Sweeping the tomb, offering foods and joss paper accessories are common practice on QingMing.

qingming 03

The sanctuary is sitting on Mount Vernon Hill.  This delighting piece of land is going to be transformed into residential developments soon.  My ancestors would have to move out from their long stay in no time.

qingming 02

It’s a place I love to visit, as the lush greenery and fresh air is awesome.  The peace and calm I got from this piece of land is as good as emancipation.  The lovely surrounding for all these ancestors is going to be a past soon, though their existence will always remain in our present!

qingming 04

Imagine them strolling along the road, sitting on the bench and chatting about their past.

qingming 05

Enjoying the offerings from the wonderful nature.

qingming 06

The tree, the fruits…

qingming 07

While the rain just came on time for a happy ending…