Sungei Serangoon

What a sparking day at Punggol Promenade

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fiber optics lighting 01“Lalang” in Malay, common name has known as blady grass. This special fibre-optics Lalang lights beautifully blend in with the lalang plants along the Sungei Serangoon. It’s supported by refine metal conduit pipes, skillfully curved it with a warm and cozy feeling for park-goers.

fiber optics lighting 02Besides lighting up in the night, I have another eyes for the sunlight grow on this particular lighting’s body.

fiber optics lighting 03As the sun goes higher and higher, the hot spot getting brighter and brighter.

fiber optics lighting 04The inner is support by metal pipes and outside wrapped by hard rubber.

fiber optics lighting 05A magical blur effect beautifully blends with the assorted colors.

fiber optics lighting 06Some look like stainless steel.

fiber optics lighting 07Some look like gold.

fiber optics lighting 08Some look like platinum.

fiber optics lighting 09And some mixed.

fiber optics lighting 10Most importantly, they are there together sharing a sparking day with us!


PCN – Punggol @ Promenade

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Punggol @ Promenade is one small part of the PCN – Park Connector Network in Singapore.  Stepping onto this piece of green in the morning, you’ll be stunned by the wonderful scene of the surrounding.

The fresh air accompany by the scenic landscapes are always so alluring. People gather around.  Joggers, cyclists, even stalkers are here seeking for moment of calm and serenity.

pcn 01

Awakening of Sungei Serangoon / Serangoon reservoir.

pcn 04

Thousands of rippers flowing like million of shrimps.  A common scene on this old Sungei Serangoon.

pcn 19

It flows by the side of Sengkang and Hougang estates, the point ended and reaches the heart of the heartlanders.

pcn 03

One side of the trail is meant for cyclist while the other for strollers or joggers.  Another course of action is to choose the middle path to fasten your body’s bolts and nuts!

pcn 05

Sitting on the wooden bench while enjoying this beautiful moment of dawn, looking into the mist between the forests, what could be better than a lifetime in this minute?

pcn 06

Besides health seekers doing their leisure walks, you’ll discover some fairies around the corner waiting for your exploration.

pcn 07

They are always there, humming and listening to the footsteps of passer-by.


pcn 08

The sunlight cast a silhouette on the Halus Bridge, at the same time casting away our worries and defilements.

pcn 18

When the bridge faces the sun, he shows his fantastic countenance!

pcn 09

Welcome!  The river of the rising sun!

pcn 10

A warm smile from the Sun above Sunrise Bridge, will lead you to the enchanting mangroves and wetlands.

pcn 11

The curvy timber design walkway lures people for a dance of Waltz!

pcn 12

Birds of the wild enjoy loitering around for a simple breakfast.

pcn 13

And what about the wild flowers happily wearing the newly crocheted web gifted by brother of nature?

pcn 14

Not just one or two…but uncountable!

pcn 15

A rigid but wave-like timber platform bridge leads to further side of Punggol.

pcn 16

A mangrove calmly present you with a new beginning of the day.

pcn 17

As you step down from the bridge, a reddish-soiled path welcome you like a red carpet as you start the next scenic trip to Coney Island.