Song of the Birdcage

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birdcage 01Welcome to my embossed birdcage

It’s engraved with scenery of ivory

Crafted with sweetness of memories

How can I hold it without sharing?

How can I keep a vow within?

So I wrote a song

I wrote a note

I wrote a Blogging post

Birds hear that!

But not wings near that!

birdcage 03 Welcome to my antique birdcage

No hanging price tags

No auction gag

Where do we find an old folks song?

When could we build a home sweet home?

Dancing in the wind

Dancing in the night

Dancing with cool red wine

Monkey hears that!

Monkey nears that!

birdcage 02Welcome to my empty birdcage

No more sorrowful songs

No more broken wings

No more contradicting feel of liberty

Where can I find him?

When can I fly with him?

He is not in the room

Not in Google map

Not on files piling up high desk

Can you see it?

Can you feel it?

That is our dream

Our birdie’s dream


Vesak Day

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vesak day 02

Know the enlightenment of this great man.

Understand the path he went through.

Understand his teachings with wisdom, and

Be mindful on this special day.

A tale of these two sculptures outside the temple

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1000 lights  temple 01

This is snake or a tail?  It is the tail of the tiger sculptures outside Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple.  Located at Race Course Road near Balestier Road, this temple was founded by a Thai monk, Venerable Vuttisara in 1927.  In those days, ramshackle zinc, wood shelter and a Buddha statue were the initial form.

1000 lights  temple 02

After gaining huge popularity and funded by philanthropist Aw Boon How and Aw Boon Par in 1930, the building was transformed into the grand present stage.

1000 lights  temple 03

The hall of the temple holds the 300 tonnes Buddha statue that was surrounded by hundreds of lights, which is why the temple was named after it (The Temple of 1,000 Lights).

1000 lights  temple 04

1000 lights  temple 05

1000 lights  temple 08

The philanthropist brothers, Aw Boon How and Aw Boon Par is the founders of the Tiger Balm Enterprise.  “How” in Chinese dialects represent tiger and “Par” represents leopard.  These two animal sculptures and motifs symbolize the spirit of the temple.

1000 lights  temple 07

The National Heritage Board earmarked the temple as a historic site in year 2000.

No more racing on Race Course Road

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race course rd 07

Race Course Road was named after the old racecourse at Farrer Park built in 1842.  It was the recreation hub for Europeans in the past and it also created jobs opportunity for the early settlers from Java and India.

race course rd 02

While some buildings gives ways for the new.  The present Race Course Road has many up and coming commercial buildings coming along the way.  But some prefer to sit still just like the Leong San See Temple(龙山寺) which was built in 1917.  It was popular with many Chinese immigrants who came here to offer their prayers.

race course rd 03

Just like the Heng Fo Buddhist Temple (恒佛寺).

race course rd 04

This historical building, “Temple of 1000 Lights” was reconstructed in 1930s with a changed of zinc roof to wood shelter.

race course rd 06

Public housing serves as changes of an era.

The roof garden at IMM

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imm 01

IMM is one of the biggest shopping mall in Singapore.  This mega mall comprises of a unique composition of retail, warehouse and office spaces. One attractive feature is the open sky garden that come complete with playscapes attracting shoppers for leisure entertainments.  After some good cuisine from the eateries, you can step out to the roof garden finding joy and fun with your family.

imm 03

This is a playground for kids and fun seekers.  Water games is a wise choice for us living under a 34ºc year round summer.

imm 04

Kids just can’t wait for their ‘spiritual water’ to arrive.

imm 05

Free yourselves with your birthday suits in this wonderful mall.

imm 06

This is a place where families have fun and bonds.

imm 02

Why not spend some time to smell the flowers and look closer to these gorgeous landscapes?

When sky is blue

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blue sky 01

When sky is blue, we all gather around kick off the Monday blue.

blue sky 02

Look up the sky above.

blue sky 03What the bright sunny day!

blue sky 04

What the lovely blue Monday!

blue sky 05

What’s the good news coming our way?

Another story about my mom and me

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mothers day 01

Down on memory lane, I recalled having high fever at the age of nine.  Mom tried keeping the temperature down by using a straw fan.  That was close to midnight, the lights was off but her hand was still moving.  The cool breeze did not stop my heart from moving too.  I told mom, “It’s alright, I’m fine, don’t have to worry about me..”

 I saw tears welling in her eyes, even though the room was dark, but I could feel her sobbing in the darkness.

mothers day 02Till today, I can recalled the moment we touched each others heart so much.  So much so that the offer of her un-returnable warm light keeps beaming.  Just like the rising sun, giving us warm without asking for any returns.  Treat your mother well; treat mother’s nature well.

Happy Mother’s day!