Mothers Day

Another story about my mom and me

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Down on memory lane, I recalled having high fever at the age of nine.  Mom tried keeping the temperature down by using a straw fan.  That was close to midnight, the lights was off but her hand was still moving.  The cool breeze did not stop my heart from moving too.  I told mom, “It’s alright, I’m fine, don’t have to worry about me..”

 I saw tears welling in her eyes, even though the room was dark, but I could feel her sobbing in the darkness.

mothers day 02Till today, I can recalled the moment we touched each others heart so much.  So much so that the offer of her un-returnable warm light keeps beaming.  Just like the rising sun, giving us warm without asking for any returns.  Treat your mother well; treat mother’s nature well.

Happy Mother’s day!


A road where a $10 memories are left behind – A gift for all mothers

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This is an ordinary road behind my old house next to Canossian Eduplex.

I grow up here since I was an infant.  When I was young, my family was not so well-off as my dad was the only sole breadwinner of the family.  He worked as a carpenter to sustain a family of eight, this is tough with no further explanations.

For this reason, my mom had to do part time jobs to make ends meet.  She did this by fetching and sending neighbour’s kids to schools.  Getting a side income of $20 per month is better than nothing.

One day, she gave me $10 out of her precious $20.  I was told that was my pocket money.  Without much words, I saw an angel full of wriggles stand right in front of me!

It has been more than 30 years.  Since then, this ordinary road has never been an ordinary road to me.  Till to-date, my angel mom still leave me with so many memories that is priceless.

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Today, I step on this gentle ground, seeing things remain unchanged.  The rows of landed property; the roadside concrete drain that are over flow with wild plants; an authentic sport ground and most importantly and yearns for my beloved mom.  For some, hearts and feelings may have changed.  To me, my affection for that moment will forever remained.

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Mother’s Day is around the corner.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all mothers.  You are the greatest person in the world!  Thank you for being the angel shading over your loveable kids with infinite love.