Day: October 26, 2012

9) Story about HWA (Handicaps Welfare Association)

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A stroll to Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA), located in Whampoa, Singapore is my weekly visit to my volunteer work with the association.  HWA was founded in 1969, with a group of 23 philanthropists.  An organization run by people with disabilities and for people with disabilities.  An organization aims to promote self-help and mutual support to themselves and others.
After 43 years, HWA has 42 full time staff and they extend their contributions in rehabilitation, educational classes, welfare assistance, driving lesson for the disabled.

A wall painted art piece delighting the entrance of this caring ground.

Staffs helping member repositioning to the ground.

This picture shows a corner of the Rehabilitation Center, where some members are doing the therapy.

Today, a group of toddlers from a nearby kindergarten paid a visit to HWA center, an officer-in-charge explaining how the center operates and works and what we can do to help and contribute to the members of the center.

Architectural room providing Architectural drafting training assisting members to pick up extra skill and integration to community.
In this Art Room, you’ll discover  they are more able than anyone else.

Drop of rain, bring about a life with countless crack of dawn, can be found here.