Day: October 20, 2012

8) “Dragon” playground

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Following 3 decades, this “Dragon” design playground was born during the 70s to 90s and is still playing on his own, in this little heartland.  Together with those newbies that came along with plastic finishes and rubber floor mats, I supposed he is the oldie in the group, looking untouched throughout the traces of the years standing on his sand-based ground.
Paying respect not only to his age, but also to what he has made it to a list of “15 Amazing Playgrounds From All Over The World” which was compiled by magazine website Flavorwire.

With the remaining of the other three “Dragon” design playground, he is the only one left with sand based.
I am not sure how he feels to stand-alone here, but I am very sure he has many followers and passer-by to pay him a visit and a warm Hi!  Reminiscing what a great childhood we had with this guy!

This little cute “sea horse” design resembles a little bone’s shaker, smiling at all ages.