Day: October 28, 2012

11) The Lost (1)

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No one ever knew what had actually happened to Ken other than himself.
It was till 7.00pm that Ken’s parents began to worry about his return from school.  His dad call up the school and was told he left after his extracurricular activities around 3.00pm.
Where could Ken been?  Usual days, he’ll be sitting in front of the TV set watching his favorite series by 7.00pm.  Ken is a well-behave and smart boy at his age.  Though he is still naïve, but his self-discipline and good conduct has never worry his parents.
As the sky gets darker, Ken’s parents loses their patient and decided to drive out to look for Ken.

But they are not sure where to start off.  Ken’s dad drove towards the direction of his school hoping to see him there, but the school gate was locked and the vicinity was in total darkness.  Then, a strong instinct led them to a park nearby Ken’s school.  This is a park where Ken had fond memories of his childhood.  He loves to drop by feeling the flora and fauna and look up for his playmates at times.
By this point of time, Ken’s parents were very anxious as there isn’t a clue down the path.  The dim lighted, quiet park added a sense of mystery to their lost son.  After a few laps walking around the cul-de-sac of the park, they were drained and was about to call the police for help.  Suddenly, they saw movement in the bushes not far from the pavillion.  Curiously, step-by-step in trepidation they move towards the bushes 3 metre away.
At this point of time, the weeping sound heartened Ken’s dad to poke the bushes with a vigorous rush.  To their shock, they saw Ken’s trembling with both fear and shock. 

 “Why are you hiding here?” Ken’s dad spoke with a reproachful tone.
 “I can’t find my way home” Ken spoke with a look of grievances.
 “I don’t get you…?” Ken’s dad was puzzled.
 “I don’t know!”  Since noon after I came here, I have been trying to walk out of this park, but I just can’t find the exit.
 “You can easily follow anyone here to get to the exit” Ken’s dad felt that he is silly.
 “Yes I did!” Ken felt that he was wronged.
 “I followed those people, but those people…”
 “And what now?” Parents were tensed at this moment.
 “They all walked into the bushes..”
 “Oh, come on…Ken”  Both parents rebuke.
 “Yeah…While I followed everyone walked into the bushes, I just can’t find a way out from it tile the sunset.  I was too afraid and I have hide here till rescue come to me”  Ken’s dad felt something is obviously not right and they hurried off home.

In the car, dad recalled an incident…
He wanted to know the reason of Ken’s visit to the park
Ken felt hesitant to answer his dad.
His pursue with the question as he knew what had happened today is rather unusual.
Ken pick up his courage and explained that he dreamt of cousin Wei last night.
 “But Wei was killed in an accident last month” Both parents repeated.
 “I knew he is dead, but the dream last night was spot-on, Wei dated me to meet up at the park, he wanted to show me something, I can’t reject him as we are both so close to each other” Ken argued.
 “Besides what…?” Mom asked.
 “He said he won’t have a chance to see me after this meet up” Ken looked on reluctantly.
Ken’s parents stared at each other with disbelieve.  Ken’s dad subconsciously tapped on the car accelerator and they sped off.  Promise never to return to the park anymore.