Day: October 13, 2012

28) Where is this sculpture?

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Sculpture outside URA

This sculpture can be found outside URA-Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Building in Singapore.
This sculpture is a symbolic of the Sam Shui Woman (红头巾) in memory of their selflessness contributions to our country.

Sam Shui Woman whom is a Chinese immigrant from Sam Shui, a province of China during the olden days.
Most of them work in construction site, doing hard labour works like carrying cement, bricks and timber for building construction.  They are tough and work very hard day and night, mostly more than 10 hours a day, but only get 5 to 6 cents in return during those days.
They put on a self-design scarf in the color of red to shade themselves from rain and shine.
Most Sam Shui Woman live in Chinatown area, along豆腐街, Tofu Street (presently known as Chin Chew Street).  They stay in rented conservation unit with unpleasant and unhealthy condition, as most of them are cramped in the small little space the unit can provide.
But, subsequently their names gradually gain the respect of the community at home and abroad as they have contributed tremendously to the building construction industries in those days.  “Red Scarf”, thus became the revered of Sam Shui woman unique and specific terms showing the noble and resilient character of the Overseas Chinese Women.