Day: October 21, 2012

2) The 5-Dollars Note Tree

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This Tembusu tree is located in Singapore Botanic Gardens, it is best known as The 5-dollars Note Tree.  It is believed that the tree was there well before the Gardens were laid out in1859.

Whenever you mention about a 5-dollars note, almost everyone in the nation will relate the sweet and joyful story about the tree.  Kids and adults find it irresistible to park themselves on the lower part of the broad branch and taking photos with this chivalrous tree is a familiar task to most of us.

The branch of the tree grown wide and as it is politely lowered with not more than 6 inches before it touches the ground.

As years go by, the wise turn wiser, the old turn older.  Crutches may have become the evidence of a wisdom man.
Now, the gracious wise tree has been conserved by the National Parks under the Heritage Trees Scheme.