Day: September 14, 2012

Friend (14) –Car Park Entrance Gate (Barriers) / 朋友(14)- 闸门

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In the eyes of others, this barrier looks like a fool, it jiggles its arm up and down whenever a vehicle comes up or goes down.  Its job is no fun at all and to some is wasting life after-all.

这小人物坚守一份小工作, 任劳任怨, 做起事来不闻不问,不问付出,不求收获,一整天只会抬头点头,举臂放下。它的唯一工作就是听从指示,不可以有意见,不可以有投诉。

Still, this little guy stick to his insignifficant work.  He is hard working, never ask for much, never ask for returns and is able to get things done in a different.  Day in day out, he jiggles his head and waggle his arms.  His only job is to follow directions. He doesn’t own his opinions or have his own grievances.


How can anyone do this, other than him?


Certainly there is!  These are machines without feelings.  Whether it is a computer on the table, the kitchen refrigerator, our 24/7 mobile phone, the comfort providing air-conditioner and so on.  Again, these are groups of hard working fools.


However, who will thank these fools?  Perhaps only fools will appreciate what these fools had done?


Indeed we need not thank them for what they done, the things we can do is to show a little gratefulness, a little cherishing and a little delighting.


By demonstrating, you feel more accommodating, less awful and that’s helpful way to stay youthful.