Day: September 16, 2012

Friend (15) – Silent night

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Moment in the dead of night, my friend quietly visited me.  He brings with him the crystal cold dew with a basketful of blinking stars light.

His name is called “Silent Night”.  It’s tough for one to extricate from his beautiful flow.  Each time at this moment, ignite aroma incense to allow my thoughts to curl in and be shrouded with the smoke between.  With this carefree feeling I put aside the physical and mental troubles.

Silent Night, you soothe all worried faces.  You allow people to put down contradictions and conflicts, put down right and wrong and to lay down social status and class.

Your voice resonates the sounds of nature. It’s a space of emptiness, a palace of the soul for a listening ear.

This is where beauty and ugliness befall.  Right and wrong remain speechless.  Passion and indifference lost its temperature.

Silence is warmly alive at this moment.

Derision and ridicule, power and struggle, settle like dust with no flush.