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What kind of tree is not important anymore!

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mysterious tree 01The tree in the picture has been discovered in the dense forest Gujarat, India.

According to the blogger coolguyramforyou, he claimed that this is a mysterious tree but not “Baobab” tree.

I know little about “Baobab” tree, but the most important attractions to me are, when you move yourself closer to look at the tree.

mysterious tree 02mysterious tree 03mysterious tree 04mysterious tree 05mysterious tree 07mysterious tree 08mysterious tree 09Sydney thanks him for sharing with us this great discovery and awesome post!

Do you agree with me?

What meal Watermeal should deserve?

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Watermeal belongs to aquatic plants.  Green in color, about 1mm in size, the flowers was as small as needle tips.

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This little fairy owns 3 world record titles for the smallest plant in the world; smallest plant that can bloom flower in the world and the smallest seed and fruit in the world.

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There are 9 to 11 species under the genus, Wolffia is the smallest among them, sizes from 0.4 to 0.9mm in length.  The sizes of the seeds and fruits are as fine as salts.

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On top of loosing out in size, environmental pollutions also make it tougher to locate them.

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The next time you spot them, please offer them your gentle loving care, as this is the biggest meal they deserved.

Why leaves always come with pointed tip?

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The shape of a leaf is just like human being, born of different kinds of shapes and sizes.  Different shapes like round, sword, oval, heart, diamond and spoon etc.  But, majority of the similarities are derived from the sharp pointed tip.

Why is it that most of the tips are pointed than others?

countdown party 10Reason being that when water drops on the surface of the leaf, it will be absorbed as much as so.  The remains of the droplets will be discharged as fast as it can to save the leaf from rotting.

Nature has design the pointed tips for water to be channeled easily and disperse the extras as fast as it could be to the ground for the survival of other life.

Take a piece of cake just enough for yourself, and share the rest with others.  This is the moral of the story that we should learn from nature.

Don’t mix up with these two dragons

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Dragonflies are generally larger and perched with open wings that are perpendicular to the body.

Compared to damselfly, its elongated body are much more flatter.  The eyes are very close to each other.

Most of them can’t walk well, but it’s believed to be one of the fastest flying insects in the world.

Dragonflies are predators.  They capture their prey in flight and prey on mosquitoes and other insects like bees, ants, flies, butterflies and moths just to name a few.  But it is also subject to other predators like frogs, birds, spiders and even their larger counterparts.

dragonfly 02

Comparing to dragonflies, damselflies are generally smaller in size and look more fragile in appearance.  Its body is long and skinny and usually ends with a dew form.

 The wings are usually perch close and parallel to the body.

 It is a weak flyer, eyes separated apart and they are predator too.  Their food consumption is equally small as of the predator.

 Both are closely related group of insects.

This is no ordinary ‘Shan Shui’ paintings

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not an ordinary carlligraphy 01

There’s nothing much to talk about at the first glance of these Chinese Shan Shui painting by Yao Lu, an artist from China.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 02

Then, with a closer look, you realize the beauty of the trash hills are all captured resembling Chinese paintings.  With Photoshop touch-up, the trash hills emerged as beautiful landscapes with gorgeous creek covered with mist.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 03

These art pieces are messages brought across by the artist on how much rubbish we have discarded in a speedy developing city.  Hopefully her art pieces serve as a reminder of how much our mother earth has been destroyed and a reflection of how we should cherish our beautiful earth like the exquisite Chinese paintings.

not an ordinary carlligraphy 07

“Mom, wake up!”

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mom wake up 02 (
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These are the words from a three-months old elephant calf trying to wake up his dead mother.  The mother elephant was found dead at the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve in Sabah.

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Suspected being poisoned under mysterious circumstances, a total number of ten endangered Borneo pygmy elephants were found dead in the forest.

“We highly suspected that it might be some form of acute poisoning from something that they have eaten but we are still waiting for the laboratory results of the chemical analysis from samples taken from the dead elephants to confirm the diagnosis” said the authority.

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“It looks like these animals are from the same family group, as the carnage took place on the same time and space.  It was a very sad sight to see all those dead elephants, especially one of the dead females who had a very young 3-month old calf.  The calf was trying to wake the dead mother up.” Said Dr Sen Nathan, Senior Veterinarian for the Sabah Wildlife Department.  The baby calf was very distressed and had to be rescued.  It is now being hand-raised by wildlife rangers at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.

“Mom, wake up!”  I heard the voice wandering in the woods….

Running story

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In the wee hours of March 29, a secondary school girl, Tian Xiao Qi from Hualian, Taiwan sent her ailing grandma to the local hospital A&E unit for treatment.

 She has an exam in the same morning at 10am.  According to the news, the exam takes the whole class as a scoring margin.  As she doesn’t want the class score to be dragged down by her absence, she’s very insistence to sit for the exam.

 With not a single cent with her, she decided to run back to school on her own two feet.  Started at 7am and reached school at 10, spending a total of 3 hrs for 23km.  When she reached school, her classmates were stunned and touched by her action.  They quickly offered her tidbits for replenishments as she ran with an empty stomach throughout the whole journey.

 She was asked if anyone offered a helping hand along the way.  She responded that 2 policemen from the police post offered but she can’t explain why she rejected the kind offer which will only took her 10-15min to reach her school.

 In a good way, she made it in the end!  When asked how she felt, her answer was simple “the running was not so difficult, as it is worthwhile exchange for a meaningful journey in life”.

The glory of a wedding dowry

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A man named 陈州 – Chen Zhou from Shang Dong, China, lost both his legs at the age of 13.  He relies on his arm and a pair of self-made wooden crate to replace his lost limb.  He braved the northern peak of Xi Yue Hua moutain (西岳华山) and finally fulfills his dream of conquering the 5 famous mountains (Wu Yue San-五岳山) in China.

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This iron man, whose parents were separated when he was a juvenile and he got the keys of the street eventually.  At 13, he was run over by a train and lost both his legs.  His grandpa brought him up and survive as a street artist and became a singer performer.  The idea ignites him when he was about to tie the knot with a lady.  He faced difficulties to find money to hold a wedding ceremony.  He was so troubled and depressed over his incapability.

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Hence, he vowed to climb the 5 famous mountains of China (Wu Yue San-五岳山) to present his wife to-be the most sincere wedding gift of all.  With no doubts, he made it by using his bare arms through his unyielding will power!  And who won’t be touched by this utmost power of love!

Movie Preview – Confession of Murder

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It’s my honor to be invited by Omy Blog Club to this Korean thriller movie preview “Confession of Murder”.



Crime action


 The story took a step back 17 years ago when an infamous serial killer took the life of 10 women.  While the police had no clue to pin the killer down, a young, good-looking guy – Lee Du-seok stood up by publishing a book “Confession of Killer” and claimed that he was the murderer.

 With explicit support of the social media and expiration of the 15-year statute of limitations, Lee Du-seok became a celebrity overnight and portrays himself in the upfront.  The publicity leads to confrontations between the killer, Police Lieutenant Choi Hyeong-gu and the victims’ families.

 That is how the race of confrontations and eye-popping action sequences begin….



Jeong Jae-yeon, 郑在咏 acted as a slobby detective (Choi Hyeong-gu) is a perfect task for him.  A versatile actor like him portrays a tough guy and a dutiful son to his widowed mother.  Combination of justice and humanity in this show is within his palm.


I love the eyes and the scheming smile of Park Shi-hu, 朴施厚.  His good looks and taut build never fail to ogle the audience’s sight.  His mysterious intention and appearance as a writer, Lee Du-seok exude his charm in this show and make viewers hooked on to discover more of this thriller.


Some scenes revealed

Du-seok attracts thousands of fans after his name was exposed.  There is this scene in a temporary police lock-up while one of his fans got hold of his hands and is unwilling to let it go which later ended up in a hilarious chaos.


“Call the press, let’s put on a show too!”  What a sidesplitting dialogue over the rescue stun scene!


“Should I show you who I really am?”  The killer throws a question to lieutenant Choi after slitting his cheek.



The rescue sequence seems dramatic but I don’t want to miss a single scene of it.  While one victim’s family tries to capture Lee Du-seok, the chasing and rescue action flick between cars and ambulance is both serious and totally comedic.  I believe this has to do with the style of Korean movie, not only a moviemaker but also a fun maker!

Sharp edges of the actors are flowing throughout the whole show.  Conflicts, debate, emotion, forgiveness, justice are the elements to make up this exciting race.  The cleverly twisted ending makes your dollar worth without further commentaries but sit back with a smile.

Find out more and confess about the truth behind the “Confession of Murder” on 14th March 2013.



21) Hundred poses, thousands of love

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Lately, there’s a father of  China mainland who put up a series of “百睡图” (Hundred Poses Sketches) in the website and got himself famous overnight.  “百睡图” literally means “Hundred of Sleeping Poses Sketches”.  The sketches capture hundred styles of sleeping poses of his young daughter.


This dad is an Architect and started his sketching hobby in early 2011.  It took him more than a year to finish his works on his little daughter’s sleeping positions.


Though a dad’s love is always treated as secondary to a mum’s.  But for this instance, it has proven otherwise.  The scene is hardly found anywhere, it’s just like a male angel guiding over his little angel.  How not to be touched by such love?








You may explore further to get the meaning of “百睡图” through some Googling.  Challenge the creativity of this little angel or you may like to try it out yourself!