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10) Walking with Velcro

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In 1941, a Swiss man strolling on the Alps after a hunting trip with his dog discovered the seeds of burdock that kept sticking on his clothes and dog’s fur.  He examined the burrs with microscope and saw thousand of “hooks” caught on the clothes’ cotton and furs.
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This man, Gerorge de Mestral, a Swiss engineer lived in Commugny, Switzerland.  He spent 8 years to change the zipping world.  He conceived the hook-and-loop fastener by binding two materials reversibly in a simple fashion from the beginning of cotton material to Nylon and polyester, and now even the spaceman and sportsman are practically using it.
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The word Velcro is a combination of two French words velours (“velvet”) and crochet (“hook”)
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Today, this handy and sticky zip become part and parcel of our live!  It contributes much changes to the style of the fashion world!
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Well, the next time while you are strolling in the field, just spend a little attention on nature; you may be surprised to discover what nature offer can do much to change our life.

9) A Story About A Poor Granny

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This heartwarming real story happened in Indonesia.  It’s regarding a judge handling a theft case.  The defendant is an old frail granny from a meager family.  She committed the crime as her child was sick and grandchildren were starving.
She succumbed to stealing cassavas for them.  But the manager of the plantation insisted to put her behind bars, so she has to face the punishment.
After reading the sentence, Judge Marzuki took a deep breath and made the announcement.  “I’m sorry Grandma, I have to abide the law.  You are guilty of what you have done, you are to pay a fine of 1 million rupiah (about US$100/=) or you’ll be put behind bar for 2½ years.”

The old grandma lowered her head with grief.  At this moment, the judge put away his judge’s cap, took out 1 million rupiah from his wallet and put it on his cap.  He went on and spoke to the people in the front court.  “Under the name of the justice, I have to sentence everyone here guilty of a fine of 50,000 rupiah (about US$5/=) as a city dweller, you let an old lady here steal for her family because of starvation.”
 The honourable judge then pass his hat around for the fine to be amass by everyone including the cassava park manager.
 Before the court dismissal, old grandma has been awarded a 3.5million rupiah fine.  The money is used to pay up her fine.  She went home with what’s left and was very touched with what has been done to her.

8) Dice your Life

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Lately, I read an article on newly wed Chinese couple born after the 80s.  They have innovated a special dice.  The shape does not defer much from the traditional rounded cube, rather of showing number 1-6 on the six-face dice, this one has daily activities like ‘laundry’, ‘cooking’, ‘wash dishes’, ‘buy groceries’, ‘run errand’, ‘staring blank’ etc. on the six-face dice.
The couple has to toss the die to decide their choice of house chore to be done for the day.  That’s a fair deal but it could be the starting of a nightmare for the husband.

It is a popular and trendy practice among the young couple.  Isn’t it an innovation, and creative idea used in an amazing way!

7) A Day of a Honey Collector

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Spring and autumn is the honey collection season for Nepalese.  Nepalese have a hard task collecting honey as the comb it’s often bedded at the cliff.  The honey collectors risk their life in the deep forest at the Himalayan region for this daily task.  For fear of bee stink, they dangle themselves in mid air risking their life daily to exchange their 3 meals.
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Collectors make use of smokes and noises to chase the bees away from their comb.
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The giant Himalayan wild bees built their nest on the cliff a few hundreds meter above ground.
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Collectors make use of the self-made rope, and use a simple gear like a wooden stick to plug the comb down.  This is the time the bees started their attack to protect their boundary.  But the experienced collectors would stay calm and steady not to agitate the bees further.
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This is life in exchange, for a daily meal.

6) Which Chinese Zodiac are You?

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In Chinese calendar, the 12 animals represent every two hours within the clock.  The concept is similar to Constellation.  The original is unknown, but there are beliefs that the sequence and arrangement of the animals are related to their behaviors and activities.  Each individual takes up two hour.

The first, is the Rat, from 11pm to 1am.  This is the time while rats are most active.

Second, is the Ox from 1am to 3am.  This is the time for cow to ruminant.

Third, is the Tiger, from 3am to 5am.  This is the best time for tiger to hunt food.

Fourth, is the Rabbit, from 5am to 7am.  This is the time for rabbit to grind medicine on the moon.  There is a belief that there is a rabbit staying on the moon in the olden days.

Fifth, is the Dragon, from 7am to 9am.  This is the time when the dragon shuttle in the cloud to make rain for the earth.

Sixth, is the Snake, from 9am to 11am.  This is the time for the snake to start the day.

Seventh, is the Horse, from 11am to 1pm.  This is noon time, and it’s the hottest temperature of the day and the best time for the horse to run about.

Eighth, is the Goat, from 1pm to 3pm.  This is the best time to let goats on the field, while the green grass will make them stronger and healthier.

 Nineth, is the Monkey, from 3pm to 5pm.  This is the most active time for monkeys.

Tenth, is the Rooster, from 5pm to 7pm.  This is the time where chicken return to their home sweet home.

Eleventh, is the Dog, from 7pm to 9pm.  This is the time where dogs are on guard.

Twelveth, is the Pig, from 9pm to 11pm.  This is the pigs bed time.

The stories may varies and it takes many years to form the interesting arrangement.  But, culture and fairy tales are the most delighting and joyful stuffs!
The Twelve Animal Kingdom is a twelve cycle that corresponds to Years rather than Months.  So a person can be born in the year of Dragon, Tiger so on and so forth if we mention about the Chinese Calendar Zodiac.
 So, which animal sign are you?
So, which Chinese Zodiac are you?

5) Stairway to Office!

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GIL Building Spiral Staircase - Roma

A company enforces a rule for employees reporting late for work.  For that reason, they have to climb flight of steps to their office on the 19th floor.  This takes them for about 15mins to reach ‘heaven’.
This is happening in a country in Asia.  Employee, Jessica told the press that her office enforces a new rule for latecomers.  Instead of fining them for reporting late at work, they would have to climb stairs!

Staircase at the Courtauld Gallery, London, En...

After a month after the rule takes place, no employee report work late!
“For those who report late, please report to the counter!”  This is a daily pop-out message on their PC screen.  If you happened to be the one, please help yourself to the counter at 1st floor and greet morning to the flight of stairs within 15mins!  Someone will be on the 19th floor counter to erase your bad record!
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On Oct 22, Jessica happened to be the late one.  She lamented that there was no chance to cheat, there will always be someone guarding over the stairway at every alternate floor.  Instead of paying a fine of about S$20/=, after a few practices, they managed to finish the test in a joyful way.  After all, no fine are fine to them.
 One month after the rule has been set, there is tremendous improvement.
The numbers of latecomers has decreased from 3 to 1.  And till now, not a single staff turned up late at all!

4) Shall we go for a stroll?

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Extracted from a free download website from ‘imgur’, it’s been passing around widely since.
This is an article about a dog waiting for his feline friend at the same time, same spot daily without fail to go for a stroll together.

The source of the place is unknown, but according to “imgur’, they are friends without talking, isn’t it amazing?

3) Stairway to Heaven

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A true story of 1950s happened in Chongqing, China.  A 20-year old villager Liu Guojiang fell in love for a widow, Xu ZhaoQing who is 10years older than him.  In order to avoid gossips from other villagers, they eloped to Jiangjin, a town 1500metres above sea level, deep in the woods, build a home of their own.

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Liu Guojiang  spent 50 years alone, chipping over 20 over chisels to carve 6000 over steps of stairway for his wife.  This extra ordinary kind gesture of love is to facilitate his wife daily ascending and descending from their mountain habitat.

They live off their life in the forest by picking wild walnuts, dates and have a few vegetable farms.  The couple raise 7 children with whatever they have and spent half a century living in the mountains.

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In 2006, media make a shooting of the 6000 steps and couldn’t find a single moss on the stairway.  They discovered that Liu Guojiang clean up the moss daily so that his wife will not slip and fall along the steps.

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Unfortunately, in 2007, the 72-year old Liu Guojiang died of cerebrovascular disease.  The sudden death left his wife, Xu Zhaoqing devastated and despondent.  Due to her failing health, one of her son relocated her from the mountains.  She remained forlorn and passed on few days ago at the age of 87.

Xu Zhaoqing left a note before her death that she wanted to be buried next to her beloved husband, as she wish to continue walking hand in hand with her husband on their Love Ladder in another world.

Well, I guess the loving couple wouldn’t mind though the Stairways in Heaven are now clogged with moss.

2) orphan home / 儿童之家

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Is hardly to see this kind of simple, kampong style production in Singapore. They don’t wear expensive costumes, they don’t put on a drama mask.
It just like that !
A simple script, a simple production makes your heart warm!




1) Look for a star

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When life doesn’t seem worth the living/ 当生命看来不太值得活下去
and you don’t really care who you are/ 而你并不关心自己是谁
when you feel there is no one beside you/ 当你感觉没人在你身边
when you know you’re alone and so lonely/ 当你感觉孤单与寂寞时
and your friends have traveled a far / 而你的朋友远离他乡
there is someone waiting to guide you/ 有一个人正等着指引你
for every one has a lucky star/ 因为每一个人有一颗幸运星
that shines in the sky up above/ 高高在天上闪耀着
if  you wish on your lucky star/ 假如你向你的幸运星许愿
you’re sure to find someone to love/ 你将找到爱你的人
a rich man, a poor man, a beggar/富人,穷人,乞丐
no matter who ever you are/ 无论你是谁
there’s friend who’s waiting to guide you/ 有位朋友正等着指引你
This is the theme song of “Circus of Horrors”, it captures the bright side of human being, not to give up even though your friends are away.
There must be a star waiting to guide you !