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“Weekly Photo Challenge: (The Golden Hour)”

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golden hour 01The iconic doorknob decoration is belongs to the Sri Mariamman Temple; the oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore.

 The flower-like art works are crafted by hand and made of timber. There is a copper brass shrine-like metal in the center.

  This is not just a Hindu Temple; it serves people from all over the world, tourists and locals with no religions boundary.

 A Golden Hour to welcome you at the doorstep!


Imaginary Art Piece.

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sculpture park art piece 01

What is this painting to you? Mountain scenery? Or grass patch with water background? Or is something else?

sculpture park art piece 02

The painting was actually captured from this moldy concrete sculpture and fine-tunes it by Photoshop.

Nature is Art. Art is Nature.

My Summer Digital Art Piece

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TG Site 01-06

This is one of my project done in the combination of 3d Studio Max and Photoshop.

Coincidentally, the sky match the present summer season.

I hope it match your interest too!

My Hand Sketch – Summer

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hand sketch 02

This is the continuous Sketch of yesterday – Summer.

After adding more leafs and some birds, I feel much more better now.

Hope by practicing more, I would be able to pick my tool and rejuvenate my energy.

I make use of this opportunity to wish all my Blogger friends,

May your Summer’ sun brightly shine every day!

My Hand Sketch – Spring

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hand sketch 01

I have never constantly practice my hand sketch for almost 20 years.

Lately, I have not be feeling well, mentally as well as physically.

Some how, something telling me I need to follow my heart, my voice and my path.

So I decided to pick my shaky pencil and start to draw.

After 2 hours of refreshment course, this is what I have!

I named this as Spring and May summer coming your way!

“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Up)”

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up 01

Up the fence, Up the building, Up the sky!

My Digital Art piece

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taokwang 01

One of my Art piece done in the combination of 3d Studio Max and Photoshop.