Summer grows in my secret garden.

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summer grow secret garden 01Lately, those flowers in my balcony grow immensely rich. This is my happy season even thought the weather is hot and humid. Peacock flower that I plucked from the wild, now it starts to blossom with a charming smile. I do believe the saying, “You get out of it what you put into it”, this is what it’s happening in my secret garden now.

They’re all ears now…

summer grow secret garden 04Here is my red Bougainvillea in rosy cheek.

summer grow secret garden 02White Bougainvillea also name Paper flower, but it never fail me from offering me a brand-new paper.

summer grow secret garden 03Purple Jasmines are waiting for the summer breeze, the party is ready, secret garden is opening now for the enchanting melody.


Sunset is back

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super tree 01After a long way of hazy seasons.

 A sky breaking sunset, unwillingly leaving the Super Tree beneath.

Sharing this beautiful moment with friends and followers.  Wishing all living a life with happiness and good health under the deep blue sky.

Garden city on the coins

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singapore coins 011-cent coin – Singapore National Flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim, a special hybrid orchid.

By courtesy of toptropicals.com
By courtesy of toptropicals.com

5-cents coin – The Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera deliciosa), a dark green heavy foliage climber.

singapore coins 03
By courtesy of http://www.floridata.com

10-cents coin – The Star Jasmine (Jasminum multiflorum), a slender climber with pure star-like flower.

By courtesy of www.123rf.com
By courtesy of http://www.123rf.com

20-cents coin – The Powder-Puff Plant (Calliandra surinamensis), medium size shrub with hemispherical pink color headed flower.

By courtesy of www.edsu.edu
By courtesy of http://www.edsu.edu

50 cents coin – The Yellow Allamanda (Allamanda cathartica), a vine that blooms trumpet-like bright yellow flower.

By courtesy of www.smilewildabha.com
By courtesy of http://www.smilewildabha.com

 $1 coin – The Periwinkle (Lochera rosa) small shrub with single stem, produces flowers in velvety purple.

 Don’t you feel rich to have a garden city on a coin?  Perhaps, that’s my other reason for loving our local currency.


What a hardy tree like him

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greenheart_trees (en.wikipedia.org)
By courtesy of wikipedia.org

The ‘greenheart’ tree grows in Guiana, South America.  The scientific name, Chlorocardium, (chloro means green; cardia means heart).  It is the genus family of Lauraceae.

By courtesy of homepage.ntlworld.com
By courtesy of homepage.ntlworld.com

The tree can grow up to 40m high and is one of the densest and hardest woods in the world.

By courtesy of www.flickr.com
By courtesy of http://www.flickr.com

Due to its extreme hardiness, standard tools cannot lay a hand on it.  For that reason, it has greater commercial value for construction materials, dock and marine industry.  It can also be used as a medicinal cure for reducing fever.

Misty cloud forest not to be missed!

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cloud forest 01Entering the Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, a world highest 35-meter tall indoor waterfall welcomes its guests with mist and lush vegetation.  These greens are of that from the highlands of up to 2 thousands meter above sea level.

cloud forest 02The 42-meter “cloud mountain” can be ascended comfortably with elevator, and descended by a circular path surrounded with vertical greens and cool fresh air.

The “cloud mountain” is completely clad with epiphytes such as orchids, ferns, peacock ferns, spike, clubmosses, bromeliads and anthuriums.

cloud forest 03At certain point, you may be so clouded with mist and wouldn’t see the person next to you.

cloud forest 04Or what kinds of trees are fronting your eyes!

cloud forest 05It’s a trail so wonderful and unforgettable and a trail that makes you forget about getting all drench while enjoying the walk in the mist!

For you, for sparrow, for me!

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to u to sparrow 03Spotted a Pacific Sparrow at MacRitchie Reservoir.  It stood on the lamppost tip without assuming my presence.

 Pacific Sparrow is one of the commonly seen feathered friends in Singapore.  It has orange neck with short scissors tail.  Vigilant and does not station at a place for long.

 This feathered being seems to love photography.  So much so that it allows me to snap a few shots of him in a row.

to u to sparrow 02After a well-deserved break, it took off for its air show again.

to u to sparrow 01When he’s done with his show, he returned for this silly photographer, asking “are you putting me up in Youtube?”

What are the things on and above the grass field?

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eunos mrt 01When space allowed, the open space grass field next to the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station is always able to accommodate many kinds of activity. 

 Pasah Malam (night market), mobile circle, exhibitions and religion ceremonies are some of those frequent activities I could remember.

eunos mrt 04 This in fact is a good and smart idea for space optimization.  The day in day out route draws great attention for community bond, at the same time linked up social awareness as well.

eunos mrt 03The ceremony here is held outside Eunos MRT station where a Taoism religious celebration took place.  The on going Teo Chew Chinese opera performance is a form of showing gratitude to gods while audience enjoy in appreciation.

eunos mrt 05The wooden throne seats catered for heavenly gods are cart by disciples while it swings in trance.  Simple decorations those days were replaced by modern days decorative technology and creativities.  Seats are litten up with colors of neon and eyes-catching blinkers.

eunos mrt 02When the field is empty after the day of activities, what is the something that will draw your attention from above?