Gardens by the Bay

Misty cloud forest not to be missed!

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cloud forest 01Entering the Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, a world highest 35-meter tall indoor waterfall welcomes its guests with mist and lush vegetation.  These greens are of that from the highlands of up to 2 thousands meter above sea level.

cloud forest 02The 42-meter “cloud mountain” can be ascended comfortably with elevator, and descended by a circular path surrounded with vertical greens and cool fresh air.

The “cloud mountain” is completely clad with epiphytes such as orchids, ferns, peacock ferns, spike, clubmosses, bromeliads and anthuriums.

cloud forest 03At certain point, you may be so clouded with mist and wouldn’t see the person next to you.

cloud forest 04Or what kinds of trees are fronting your eyes!

cloud forest 05It’s a trail so wonderful and unforgettable and a trail that makes you forget about getting all drench while enjoying the walk in the mist!


The “Meridian” of Gardens By the Bay

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meridian of garden by the bay 01Gardens By the Bay comprises 2 conservatory cooling complex, “Cloud Forest” is on the left, where “Flower Dome” is on the right.

meridian of garden by the bay 02The construction of these two glasshouses is built in free columns and having large glass roof without any interior supports. This has to do with engineering expertise.

The “Meridian” of the structures made up by thousands of trusses and glass joints.

meridian of garden by the bay 03It forms interesting pattern on the ceiling.

meridian of garden by the bay 04It portrays dynamic and vibrant in color.

meridian of garden by the bay 05You may able to spot Marina Bay Sands at certain angle.

meridian of garden by the bay 06Would you able to reach the ridge?

meridian of garden by the bay 07Thousands on slight bends make up thousands of miracles.