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Song of Tamalan

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Song of Tamalan10


Lovely Tamalan, Graceful Tamalan
A tree sat on the hill
Sydney is having a bun
Picnic by your side
Cappuccino under the sky
Watching birds pass by
Sydney is flying high
Tamalan, I don’t know why?


Green sleeve Tamalan, Smiley Tamalan
A tree stood on the heritage hill
Sydney is having fun
Singing by your side
Swing together with your charming shy
Whispering a dog pass by
Sydney is flying high
Tamalan, could you tell me why?


Hardy Tamalan, Wisely Tamalan
A tree being heritage on our green hill
Sydney heard that and here I am
Waving by your side
Dancing through out the night
Looking for a shining star
Sydney is flying high
My dear Tamalan, can you tell me why?