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To those sweet ladies around my house

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To those sweet ladies around my house


A gentle lady named “Spider Lily- Hymenocallis“, standing outside my house.
She came from South-Eastern part of America and the Caribbean.
She is not colorful but elegant.
She is not chatty but contented.
Silently greet me with a smile day and night.



This is a warmhearted lady, we used to call her Mickey Mouse Plant – Ochna serrulata.
She likes to open her wide, warming arms to welcome me home.
She is vibrant, she stood under my window, dancing in the Summer, singing heartily.
She came from South Africa.
Ornamental my garden, my secret garden.



This is my Dearest “Ixora”.
An evergreen lady, full of wonders, full of passions and dreams.
Creative in color, red, white, orange, yellow and purple etc etc.
Blooming four seasons, smiling under rain and shine.
She is not tall but out-shine the rest.
She can be commonly seen on the street but she prefers  live outside my house.



My amazing lady “Lantana”.
She was born in Tropical America and Afica , faces flush with enthusiasm.
She likes to dance in the Butterfly garden, flapping her wings, swinging along.
She has a strange scent but that make her unique.
She blooms like fire works, keep laughing and laughing,  a happy lady, cheerful Ambassador.