A 60s song not about Elvis

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This is the Theme Challenge set by Omy as a Blog Awards Finalist has to go through. The theme must be related to something/someone from/about 60’s that has inspired us.

And this has been set in line with our 60s Fever theme this year.

  This is my post-

The+Wonderful+World+of+the+60s++100+Hit+SongsWho is calling in the dews and wind?

Who is dancing Go-go and twisting?

Who is sobbing “The End of the World”?

And who is chasing the “Unchained Melody”?

Who is going to Rock and Roll with me?

Who is “Mrs. Robinson”?

And who is the Beatles and Hippie?

Let it be! Let it be!

Let it be a series of sweet,

sour and bitterness of life.

Let’s hug over the songs of the 60s.

Toast to our memories.

Toast to our stories with unstoppable “Crazy”!

60s song 02Who is calling in the dawn and dust?

Who is playing Kuti Kuti and Masak Masak?

Who is collecting the seeds of Saga?

And who is fighting over the spiders?

Who is counting the 5 stones game?

Who is Mr. Mee Pok man?

And who is the Kachang Puteh and Ice Kachang man?

Good-bye! Good-bye!

Good-bye to a stream of sweet,

sour and bitterness of rhythms.

Let’s flow into the river of the 60s childhood.

Toast to our memories.

Toast to our stories with Kuto Goli

60s song 01Who is calling in the days and nights?

Who is going Jalan, Jalan at the Pasar Malam and watching Wayang?

Who is walking on the moon?

And who is watching black and white?

Who is the Mattar in khaki shorts prowling on the streets?

Who is the Rediffusion they say can sing, can sing?

Who are Sydney and his Jackson Five?

It’s fine! It’s fine!

It’s fine to be a series of sweet,

sour and bitterness of life.

Let’s cheer over the 60s fever’s life.

Toast to our memories!

Toast to our 60s songs not about Elvis!

“Kuti Kuti, Masak Masak, Kuto Goli and five stones” were referring to the different kinds of 60-70s kid’s games.

 “Mee Pok man” is referring to a hawker who sells Mee Pok noodle.

“Ice Kachang man” is referring a hawker who sells Malaysian icy dessert

“Kachang Puteh man” is referring Indian food peddler who sells assorted nuts.

“Jalan Jalan” is referring to ‘having a stroll’ in Malay language.

“Pasar Malam” is referring to ‘Night Market’ where food and groceries were sold along makeshift street stores.

“Wayang” is referring grass root stage theatre in Javanese language.

“Mattar” is referring policeman in Malay language.

“Rediffuion” is referring a cable radio station in 60s era.