9) Pair Song

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Pee lee Pair la Song

We all live in a Pair of Songs

You are the musical note

I am the lyrics line

You are fat and round

I am obese like the geese

We are like a pair of pomelo dancing

You on the left

Me on the right

You have hair so silvery

I have denture so yellowy

Let’s dance along with the Pee lee Pair La Song

You on the left

Me on the right

Let’s keep our secret tight

Till our hearts are open wide

I am a shy guy

You are the sunshine

Wait till I arrive

Make you be my lovely wife

I look on the left

You look on the right

As you are always right

And I am always with my pride

Not to worry if you got no one to share

He must be queuing somewhere

Looking for someone to guide

Guiding you to the right