The differences between the 2L

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The 2L represents Lotus and (water) Lily

Basically, they are different plants, but they look so similar.

To some, lotus and lily are the same.  To some, they know the differences but might not be able to differentiate them.

By courtesy of 143lovepictures.blogspot.com
By courtesy of 143lovepictures.blogspot.com

Lotus has broad round leaves that are held above the water.  The flowers have pungent fragrance and usually come in pink.  Also, the flowers and stem grow above water.  It produces a perforated seedpod and the seeds and roots can be eaten.

waterlily (www.mrwallpaper.com)
By courtesy of http://www.mrwallpaper.com

Water lily has pads that float on the water surface.  They come in various colors.  Flower sits on the water.  The fragrance is softer and less pungent compared to lotus.