What’s the story beneath this island?

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What character does it carry?

singapura 01In Sanskrit, it signifies Singa for a lion and Pura for a city.  “Lion City” is the complete word.

 In 1160, Sri Tri Buana, Sang Nila Utama, the ruler of an ancient kingdom saw the white shore of this little island, described by the annalist.

 He asked, “what is that stretch of sand, we see yonder?”

 “Your highness, that is the land called Temasek”.  One of the companions replied.

By courtesy of library.thickquest.org
By courtesy of library.thinkquest.org

When they reached the shore, he saw a strange animal “very swift and beautiful”, with a bright red body, its head jet black and its breast pure white.  The beautiful animal has the size of a he-goat.

 The companion said, “Your Highness, I have heard that in ancient times, it was a lion which has that appearance”.

By courtesy of library.thinkquest.org
By courtesy of library.thinkquest.org

Sang Nila Utama then established a city at Temasek and name it Singapura.

 This is a short story about how the name of my country came by.

29) Where is this sculpture?

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“Chang Kuda” Sculpture

The “Chang Kuda” Sculpture happily enjoying themselves in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  It is situated directly opposite the swan lake below a small hill.
“Chang” in Malay describes “piggyback” where “Kuda” means “horse”.  So, it literally means “piggyback on a horse”.
It is a famous childhood game during the 50s and 60s.
This is the work of Sculptor CHONG FAH CHEONG