Fullerton Hotel Singapore

27) Not a Lonely Song

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not alone song 01

Nature is getting further

Weather is getting warmer

Sydney sling with his camera

And someone gives him a pat on his shoulders

Friend of greens

Friend of moss

Friend of aged old stone

Sydney is not snapping alone

not alone song 02

Flowers getting brittle

Winter getting chiller

Sydney sling with his camera

And someone gives him a pat on his shoulders

Chat about garden

Chat about animal

Chat about aged old stone

Sydney is not talking alone

not alone song 03

People getting colder

Garbage getting closer

Sydney sling with his camera

And someone gives him a pat on his shoulders

Blog about jokers

Blog about environmental

Blog about aged old stone

Sydney is not blogging alone

Definitely not blogging alone!


26) Song Of Pasir Ris Park

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song of park 02

I’m launching a runway to fly

To open up my eyes

Without any yearly resolutions

They asked me why

The sun is lovely bright

People warm and not shy

Whispering wind calling once

Whispering wind calling twice

I said I got to go

I got a flight

song of park 03

I’m looking for a Park where I can write

Write-up about the sky

Without any yearly resolutions

They ask me why

The tree is enchanting

Stroller warm and polite

Whispering wind calling once

Whispering wind calling twice

I said I got to go

I’ll be back for my Pasir Ris Park ride

song of park 04

I’m searching for a coconut tree to climb

Reach up my next higher tide

Without any yearly resolutions

They asked me why

The sky is bluish calm

Moon is gentle white

Whispering wind calling once

Whispering wind calling twice

I said I got to go

I have got another coconut tree to hike

43) Please drop me a card this Christmas!

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pillar post box 01

You may be able to spot this pillar post box at the Fullerton Heritage Gallery at The Fullerton Hotel.  But these are the last two left since 1873, which were specially shipped from Great Britain.  These special pillar post boxes feature the EIIR (Elizabeth II Regina) British Royal Cipher on its door as symbol of the ruling monarchy at that time when the pillar post boxes were produced.

In 2001, the Fullerton Hotel has transformed himself from a General Post Office to a super star Hotel.  It was during that time that the post box was preserved as his iconic memories!

pillar post box 02

The other pillar post box is still serving the public outside Singapore Philatelic Museum.  It stands in front of the museum welcoming people from all over the world.

pillar post box 06

And this handsome guy in the Fullerton Hotel, is gladly asking if you would like to drop him a card this Christmas!

pillar post box 04

This FLOOR COMPASS shows you the direction to your destination.

Whether you are going Hong Kong or Saigon, it takes you over thousands of kilometers from this direction

pillar post box 03

Or you want the distant Cairo or the nearby Penang?

pillar post box 05

My home Sydney or neighbor Auckland?

40) The two arms of The Fullerton Hotel

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fuller 01

In my opinion, The Fullerton Hotel, from the direction of Victoria Theatre is a giant man standing in between two spreading arms with a warm cheering face!

fuller 04

Cavenagh Bridge, the right arm was built in 1870.  It is the oldest bridge existing in its original form on Singapore River.  It named after the last India-appointed Governor of the Straits Settlement, Major General William Orfeur Cavenagh.
The bridge was designed by John Turnbull Thomson, under supervision of Captain Charles Edward Faber, the Madras Engineer who have Mount Faber named after him.
Before the bridge was born, there was one shaky bridge connected the both sides.  Travelers just need to pay 1 cent for passing the bridge.

fuller 07

And now, Cavenagh Bridge is one of the Singapore bridges fav by lovers, after it overtook by Anderson Bridge due to overloading problem.

fuller 06

Steel rivets stand still throughout the era.

fuller 03

Anderson Bridge, the left arm was built in 1910.  Given a name after the Governor of the Straits Settlement and High Commissioner for the Federated Malay States, Sir John Anderson.
This beautiful steel arc shape structure was built intended to lighten the load of Cavenagh Bridge.  It is so far the last bridge built in steel along the Singapore River.

fuller 05

In the past, there is a belief that men and women tossing apples and oranges respectively into the River will be blessed with a happy marriage.
And for singles hurling oranges into the River will be blessed with a partner soon.
Not so sure if this belief is still concurrence, but the reverse effect may end you getting a fine for littering the River.

fuller 08

The Fullerton Hotel, glimpsed through steel arches and ribs.

38) It’s big, but it’s not the Sesame Street Big Bird!

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bird 02

Where do we see this round butt?
bird 03
Or is this something else?

bird 01

“Bird” sculpture is made of bronze, created by renowned sculptor, Fernando Botero.  This beautiful 3-dimension art piece signifies the joy of living and the power of optimism.  It has a “vital statistic” of 245 x 310 x 250 cm and is located outside UOB Plaza, next to Singapore River.

bird 07

UOB (United Overseas Bank) believes so long as there is peace and optimism, the nation will continue to grow and prosper.

bird 08

Personally, I like its shape in round form.  It epitomizes an eternal strength and inspiring hope to every passerby.
bird 05
“Bird” join tip with the UFO-like Supreme Court
bird 04
Viewing through “Bird” underneath is the 5-star Fullerton Hotel, it’s a breezy view.
bird 06
“Bird” under the blue sky, waiting to take wing.