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52) Review the past with respect, gratitude and blessings at this moment of time

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The Lim Bo Seng Memorial is located in Esplanade Park opposite City Hall, Padang.  The Memorial in memory of this Chinese resistance war fighter whom sacrificed himself in exchange for dignity and peace.

By courtesy of tour-bangkok-legacies-com
By courtesy of tour-bangkok-legacies-com

Lim Bo Seng (24 April 1909 – 29 June 1944) was born in Fujian, China, happened to be the last year of the Qing Dynasty.  He was the son of Lim Loh who was then a building constructor.  Lim came to Singapore at the age of 16 and studied in Raffles Instituion under the British Colonial Government and subsequently further his studies in the University of Hong Kong.

 Lim took over his father’s business when his father died in 1929.  He started with two businesses in brick manufacturing and biscuit production and later ventured into building construction together with his brothers.

 When second Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937, Lim immediately participated in anti-Japanese activities.  In 1942, Lim traveled to Sumatra with other Chinese community leaders and made his way to India.  He recruited and trained hundreds of secrets agents through intensive military intelligence mission from China and India.  He set up the Sino-British guerrilla task force (Force 136) in mid-1942 together with Captain John Davis of the Special Operations Executive (SOE).  Unfortunately, Lim was captured by the Japanese at a roadblock in Gopeng around March-April 1944.

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In 29 June 1944, he was tortured to death in Batu Gajah prison by the Japanese soldiers and buried behind the prison.  The Chinese National Government awarded him Army Major General, 13 January 1946.  Lim’s remains was brought back by his family to Singapore and buried in a hill in MacRitchie Reservoir.

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In 1954, the Singapore government constructed a 3.5meter high monument in Esplanade Park to commemorate the sacrifices he made for the country.

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This picture shows Mr. Lim and his member of Force 136, Mr. Tan Cheong Tee.

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Flowers look upon a heroic soul.

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And now, he is watching over the Marina Bay Sands, cheering for our Nation’s growth and developments.

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If you happen to be  in Esplanade Park, do pay a visit to this Fighting Warrior!

14) Where is your Tunnel of Memories?

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tunnel 01

If you asked around the locals about this pedestrian tunnel, they will concur with a smile of contentment.  This is a well-known pedestrian tunnel connecting Queen Elizabeth Walk (Esplanade Park) to Empress Place.  Apart from crossing over on the Fullerton Road that leads to Anderson Bridge, this is a leisure way to enjoy the beauty of the Singapore River.  In the past, it’s a park where families spent their weekend on.  Couples holding hands, dress up like super stars in their bell-bottom pants meet up in the park.  Gone were those days, where happy couples, groups of youngsters, families with kids gathered around on weekend in this memorable park of pride.  It leaves good memories in most children in the 60s/70s.

tunnel 02

On top of the tunnel is Anderson Bridge, a famous local landmark visited by countless.

tunnel 03

The concrete parapet wall remains the same standing under the rain and sun unlike the landscape of Esplanade Park that has changed tremendously.

tunnel 04

It is quite amazing to see those trees still standing green and lavish while those who once saw them were long gone…

tunnel 05

This is my tunnel of memories, where is yours?