Friend (10) – Epiphyllum / 朋友(10)- 昙花

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Getting up in the dark just to steal a glance of the smile of the Epiphyllum.  Then again, was not on time for this happy moment for her glory.  Though a little disappointed, but after some thoughts, if the Queen of the Night were to know of my regrets was due to her premature appearance before dawn, guess she may feel more remorseful than me.


The thought of this makes me capture the soft retreat of this unusual moment while I penned down my own chapter of Dances with the Flowers.


While all admire the rarely night blooms of its kind, for the reason it wilthers mysteriously shortly before dawn.


In contrast, when it withers, there was no one to pay her their last respects, as she shrivels, good time is already a past.  How often do we praise an aged blossom?


Then, no bloom forever earned our praises.


The moment I pursue this Queen of the Night is going to be eternal, I will never fail to remember the trail.  Though she had faded, but the sentiment of the pursuit has just began.