Albizia saman

Rain tree shading you from the rain

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rain tree 07

Rain tree is one of the common species in Singapore.  By tilting your head anytime, any days, you see a giant smiling at you warm-heartedly.

rain tree 01

Albizia saman or samanea saman is the scientific name of a rain tree.  The name of this tree arises from its behaviors, as the leaves will be closed up in the evening and in rainy weather.  Therefore, it also has a Malay name Pukul Lima meaning 5 o’clock tree.

 rain tree 02

The trees located next to Evans Lodge are magnificently huge and wide with lavishly grown weeds creeping all over its body and branches.

rain tree 03

So much so it has became part of the tree’s body; no one can split them up, as they must grow as a whole.

rain tree 04

A bird nest fern also belongs to part of the community.

rain tree 06

Not one or two, they just live together simply to shade us from rain and sun.