2) One sentence a day

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One sentence a day  

A new law has been introduced, and it restricts everyone to only speaking one sentence a day.

The rising level of noise pollution in the country has brought about this, in addition to the people’s habit of spending so much time on idle chitchat that their ability to engage in deep and meaningful contemplation of serious issues, or to express themselves fully by writing has been badly affected.

One solution to this is to encourage the citizens to write and reflect more on different issues.

Another solution could be, of course to only allow each person to speak just one sentence a day.

If such a law is indeed established, how will the world become, as a result? Will the result of such a law be that our world becomes more peaceful, with the level of noise pollution lowered greatly and our ears, having been assaulted by so much noise for so long, finally are able to enjoy peaceful silence?

Or will the result just be the opposite?

Among those most affected by such law would undoubtedly be people who truly enjoy talking and engaging in conversations, and also those who depend on their gift of the gab for a living. However, the law is the law, after all, and life has to go on.

If such a law is introduced, one will still be able to hear sounds when the television set is turn on. Other than music, different voices will be heard, one sentence at a time. And because every person is restricted to only one sentence a day, the person shown on TV programmed has to change every sentence in the script, with the character disappearing and appearing over and over again.

And if there happens to be a severe lack of people available, even the cleaners working at the TV station could be asked to make appearance on TV.

With a law like that, cities will become more peaceful, as everyone will be writing on a slips of paper in an effort to communicate with each other.

When shopping, customers will have to write their queries down on a piece of paper to show the shopkeeper, who in turn will be required to have a stack of paper nearby to answer questions.

If this happens, one will then see many people on the street carrying and showing each other numerous pieces of paper.

“A plate of chicken rice, please!” One slip would say.

“How much is that?” Another would ask.

Countless pieces of paper would be found everywhere.

But let’s not forget the art of sign language. In a world where everybody is only allowed to speak one sentence a day, mute people will be no longer be considered as disadvantaged. Instead, they will be seen as the leaders of the new age, and one would then see signboards in Braille everywhere, and sign language will become the popular form of communication everywhere, with even illegal vendors on the streets having to introduce themselves with those slips.

And of course, things would improve greatly for those with speech disabilities! For those who shutter, life would become easier!

People who can develop their language skills are also at an advantage! They can take advantage of the one-sentence limit to try and see if they can extend that sentence for as long as possible. Words like although, hence, however, even, because, thus, lastly, and others will all be used more often as people try to make maximum use of that one sentence allowed to them. However, they will need to practice saying such long sentences with just one breath.

There will be people who suffer because of this law too, such as couples in love who cannot whisper sweet nothings to each other as much as they like.

In the long run, the amount of robberies committed will also increase! Under the new law, we will not hear “Help! Thief! Thief!” yelled by an unfortunate victim anymore. Instead, we will see a group of people chasing the thief, holding a placard over their heads that has “Help! Thief!” written on it.

What a world that will be! The people unsatisfied and unhappy, they begins a silent protest in the streets, which will become so crowded that even water will not be able to flow down the streets! Everyone will be holding large signs above their heads, signs that scream, “We want to talk! ”, “We want to express our view! ”, we’d rather die than speak one sentence a day!”

This silent protest will, of course, eventually come to the government’s attention.

And because the government officials are also restricted to speak one sentence each day, slips of paper will also be passed around fervently at government meetings. In the end, because of this unbearable situation and its disastrous consequences, the “One sentence a day.” Will have to be abolished!

Imagine the joy that will spread all over the country at the cancellation of the “One sentence a day” law. You will be able to both see and hear everybody’s joy, on his faces and in their voices. They will be so happy that they will ask after each other, and after each other’s family members!

No one will mourn the passing of the “One sentence a day” law.

That day will deserve a record of its own in the Guinness Book of World Records, as “The day when the Happiness Levels of Everyone was at an all-time high! ”



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