1) The lady who is deeply in love

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Among the spooky encounter this lifetime, there is never one that chill my spine every time I mentioned it to someone.  It leaves a lasting impression in my mind forever.

My friend, Henry a bright sunny guy joined the Police Force after his school and was since enjoying his work.

Several years ago, he escaped IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) not because he wanted to but because he was unable to walk properly with his left limp one morning after his night shift.

Henry’s kneecap swelled so badly and looked out of shape overnight.  He was wriggling in pain that his sister had to ferry him to the hospital by an ambulance.

Some tests, X-rays, MRI were done but no diagnosis was concluded.  He was discharged after a bone specialist concluded that the pain could have caused by his long standing and walking which is viable from the nature of his job.  Henry was given long-term medical leave and light duty to rest his feet but his condition doesn’t seem to improve.  Day in, day out, Henry checked into specialist hospitals.  He became depressed and demoralised in everything he does.

It was not till one aunt of Henry’s saw his condition during his dad’s wake and advised he should consult a medium since his medical condition had remained unresolved for so long.

Henry’s family brought him to this medium, Ah Pei who performed a trance in a temple in West of the Red Dot.  During the trance, Ah Pei related that Henry had attended a case where a mother and child was victim of a suicide.  To his shock, Henry recalled that he was the first officer at scene where a mother and child skydived from a flat during his tour of duty.

According to Ah Pei, the spirits of the mother and child had been following Henry since the incident 3 years ago, while the female diseased hope to marry Henry as she was an unmarried mother jilted by her boy friend when she was alive!  Ah Pei made a trip to Henry’s residence and discovered that the both spirits had been residing in his room, sleeping under his bed with him all this while.  No wonder Henry prefer to close the door of his room and no one, even his siblings are not to enter his room at all times!

While Henry’s family was anxious seeking help to find a solution to his problem, Henry had a relapse of his knee problem and was hospitalized.  This time his condition was so bad that pus was oozing out form his knee through broken skins; his fever was so high that he needs to be hospitalized for observation and put on drip.

During the frequent hospital visits, we discovered that Henry wanted all curtains drawn up and lights off in his ward, citing reasons that he can’t sleep with the glare.  The hospital staff can’t help but to transfer him to a Class ‘A’ ward where he could have the room all to himself.

While Henry’s aunt relate the incident to Ah Pei, the medium came down to the hospital and saw both mother and child spirit sleeping below the bed of Henry!  Ah Pei reviewed that this is not a simple case to handle as the spirits are reluctant to let go Henry and she demanded to marry Henry.  In fact, this female spirit contributed the sudden collapse of Henry’s dad at the work site, she said she can’t wait any longer, or else more will be killed.  We all went numbed after hearing all that…

Henry’s family had no choice but to resort to Ah Pei’s advice by holding a ritual near the sea while personal items of Henry were ‘released’ in the wind and offerings were burnt in the hope to subdue more misfortune from happening again.

After the process, Henry’s condition improved tremendously, the swells on his knee subsided and he returned to work.  He was now able to carry out with his IPPT and move on with his life.


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