Month: January 2016

Let’s look around on the first day of 2016

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IMG_6036First dawn of the year

IMG_6046First seashell rush to the shore

IMG_6038First bluish sky watching at me

IMG_6051First person who waving at me

IMG_6042First rubbish which crying at me

IMG_6048First vines that greet me

IMG_6058First coconut tree I feel like climbingIMG_6057First timber beach bench wet by the First dew

IMG_6055First couple goes separate way

IMG_6084First family starts the First fire

IMG_6066First flower almost drop on my head

IMG_6070First person I say goodbye

IMG_6076_1First flower smiling at me

IMG_6088First Banyan tree that I have difficulty to hug him

IMG_6091First Rain Tree Community Group I attend

IMG_6097First mangrove river standing by my side

IMG_6096First shadow painted our fruitful journey

IMG_6108 copyWith all these fairies under the First sun ray, I wish everybody stay Healthy and Prosperity!