27) What flowers may spring choose?

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what flowers may spring choose 08

When Lunar year arrive, you know spring is not far and potted plants start to grow from one corner to the other corner of a floral nursery.  Most of the plants are imported, this shows that spring is boundless and able to stay in every single part of the world with non-returnable journey.

For sure, buying flowers for home deco is not a tradition only for Singaporean, isn’t it good to pay something in exchange for good blessings and happiness in return.

what flowers may spring choose 01

Mandarin oranges represent great auspicious.

what flowers may spring choose 02

Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as Globe Amaranth or Bachelor Button, literally means bloom for thousand in mandarin.

what flowers may spring choose 03

Celosia cristata, commonly known as cockscomb. Chinese believes luck will crown you throughout the year.

what flowers may spring choose 10

Pineapple literally means flourishing prosperity.

what flowers may spring choose 04

Buying back a Phalaenopsis, is just like holding a national heart.

what flowers may spring choose 06

Charming Chrysanthemum offer you a charming year.

what flowers may spring choose 09

Salix argyracea means money in homonym.

what flowers may spring choose 05

Gold berry, of course the golden exterior explain every things.

what flowers may spring choose 07

Pomegranate, was believed to have the ability to cleanse and protect your house from the evil.

So, what flowers may spring choose to be his public ambassador?


58) Building makes way to this tree

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building tree 02

This Panaga Laut tree is one of the Heritage trees in Singapore Botanic Gardens.  This species grow on sandy beaches and lowland forests.  It is widely spread over from East Africa to West Pacific.  You can find their footprints in Singapore too.

building tree 01

This tree is slow growing and has low and massive branches with a broad, dense crown.  Different part of the body can be made into traditional medicine.

building tree 03

This tree has home itself there for over 100 years.  The design of the building, Botany Centre has take into consideration the need to preserve this precious tree.  Walk ways were made narrow to accommodate the large spreading root of this tree.  The second floor void was created to allow tree branches to be retained.

Isn’t it a good way to show respect to nature?