30) Song of wild flowers

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wild flowers 03

Wild flowers, my dearest wild flowers

Spring is your day

Spring is your mom

Spring is your holy faith

Poem within your palm


Wild flowers, my wild flowers

Aren’t you turning down my admiration?

Aren’t you releasing my nuisance?

Aren’t you realizing a fool is waiting for your enlightenment?

wild flowers  01

Wild flowers, my dearest wild flowers!

Dawn is on you way

Dawn is by your side

Dawn never fade away

Praises within your lovely farm


Wild flowers, my wild flowers

Wont you care about my admiration?

Won’t you release my sorrows?

Won’t you able to feel my sympathy?

wild flowers  02

Wild flowers, my dearest wild flowers!

Rippers living by your side

Rippers waiting for your ride

Rippers need your smile and make him bright

Pleasant within your kindly eyes


Wild flowers, my wild flowers

Won’t you still be seeing me tomorrow?

Won’t you be able to?

Wont you able to speak softly to me again?

Tell me where is your next destination!


Friend (19) – The Four Gentlemen

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plum flower (kind unknown)
plum flower (kind unknown) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plum Flower

My Friend, there is a nation who feels proud of you.  Your unyielding nature makes you look even emaciated.  But lanky is not your name.  You are not afraid of the cold winter, but you are the first to bloom in spring.  The first gentlemen standing on the land dancing fearlessly with spring and a smiling gentleman, I called.


My Friend, you do not mind lying next to the grave, and you do not mind associating with strangers soaking up in holy bath.  But you mind only if fall brings you the beauty of grief or sorrows.  With your haughty attitude in autumn, I do not ask for much.  As maple leaves died out all over the floor just for your tender face.

Orchids, Bamboo and Rock, before 1740, by Zhen...
Orchids, Bamboo and Rock, before 1740, by Zheng Xie (1693—1765). Hanging scroll, ink on paper. The Palace Museum, Beijing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Friend, your elegant, free and easy attitude whirling in the wind, bring a pause to my reminiscent for others.  But you are so modest, you do not forbid birds and landscape rivals with you on a manuscript and you give way to a painter’s inspiration.

A shot of an (Cymbidium - cultivar) orchid
A shot of an (Cymbidium – cultivar) orchid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Friend, you are infamous.  You uphold the title of a National Flower and people sing so well of your elegant glory.  What else do you lack of?  Your distinctiveness, wholesome and noble sentiments put you high up to the zenith.  Infact, with your independent personality, praises are to you only a title, but a pursuit in the eyes of others.

7) Chrysanthemum Song / 菊花之歌

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Is just another day

People rolling on the street

Wheels chasing each other

This is the moment we meet

You are in a cart along the city

When I look into your eyes

Let me have a chance to call out your name

Miss Chrysanthemum

You are a whispering angel

Calling my name in the dust

You are a true angel

And I am a true follower

By your side

I rather be a charming face


Is just another day

People walking on the grass

Wind chasing each other

This is the time we greet

You are the guardian of the graveyard

When I look into your eyes

Let me have a chance to call out your name

Miss Chrysanthemum

You are a humming angel

Calling my name in the garden

You are a true singer

I am a true prayer

By your side

But I rather be a faithful hand

Friend (13) – wall flower / 朋友(13)- 墙角花

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Several pink flowers emerging from the wall, chic shapes, elegant and refine but no one catches a glimpse of them.  Then it was unperturbed with the busy footsteps that passed by her and the exhaust emitted by passing cars.


She has no friends around, without eager admirers praising her marvel.  She was there all by her own and pleased with her own admiration.


She laugh when happy, cry when sad, with no obligatory, no ruling, not barred by EQ index or high IQ.


And yet she whispers lightly to me that happiness is not through the streets, not through dressing up but through unhidden Me.  Happiness is to sing your own songs, write your own lyrics and live with bliss.


Little pink flowers along the wall come with no price tags and yet so cheery, but why? Why did you exclude me?

Friend (10) – Epiphyllum / 朋友(10)- 昙花

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Getting up in the dark just to steal a glance of the smile of the Epiphyllum.  Then again, was not on time for this happy moment for her glory.  Though a little disappointed, but after some thoughts, if the Queen of the Night were to know of my regrets was due to her premature appearance before dawn, guess she may feel more remorseful than me.


The thought of this makes me capture the soft retreat of this unusual moment while I penned down my own chapter of Dances with the Flowers.


While all admire the rarely night blooms of its kind, for the reason it wilthers mysteriously shortly before dawn.


In contrast, when it withers, there was no one to pay her their last respects, as she shrivels, good time is already a past.  How often do we praise an aged blossom?


Then, no bloom forever earned our praises.


The moment I pursue this Queen of the Night is going to be eternal, I will never fail to remember the trail.  Though she had faded, but the sentiment of the pursuit has just began.