5) Forms form my days

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Credit card form - from LP - screen shot
Credit card form – from LP – screen shot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How many forms do we have to fill before we call it a day?

Birthday Form, Jab Form and the X-ray Form

Your Childcare Form, your Kindergarten Form and don’t forget your primary school Enrolment Form

Your Secondary School Form, Pre-U Form and University Form

And what about the National Service Form

When you graduate, you got to fill your Interview Form

If you lucky it lasts you forever,

And if you are not so lucky

You got to fill it over and over

One form to another, one form to another

When you got your first pay

You will get your Credit Card and Insurance form

Later part, follow by your Apartment Application Form

And, your Loan Form is on the way

One form to another, one form to another

Form 1040A, 2005
Form 1040A, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CPF Form, Medisave Form and your Broadband Subscription Form

What happen if you got a car?

There are many forms to go

And you go for many forms

When your kid comes

Another set of forms begin to go

Until you are six feet down under

Your forms will be filled up by others

One form to another, one form to another


Friend (12) – 3P Porridge / 朋友(12)- 3P 粥

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Able to leave the hustle and bustle aside, find a quiet corner, have a bowl of light porridge and enjoy the quiet and elegant moment, what else do we ask for in life.
This bowl of 3P porridge; peaceful, plain and pleasant.
A bowl of humble porridge, not known in the rack, there is no luxury embellishment, upscale environment, no gourmet reviews.  With a look pale and weak, quietly placed in front of me, just to fill up my stomach.
Although it has no load, but he still stick to his position as a tummy guardian.
This 3P sits quietly before us, can’t weigh it with a set of scale, catch no sight with our eyes, let alone into the upper crust.
As Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder, this 3P is a blessing, as it is different from the others.

Friend (11) – Monkey / 朋友(11)- 猴子

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In Pierce Reservoir along Old Upper Thomson Road, saw a monkey kneeing along the roadside. His cute appearance looks ridiculous and his gray hair and insensibly manifestation guards at every car that passes by.


He stood up to the body, whenever a vehicle move closer to him as if there is something to look forward from the car.  I decline to unwind the car windows, just in case he stuns his“Seventy Two Transformation”.  While he waited for awhile and see no movement in the car, he sank back in situ.  As I direct my camera towards his direction, he ignore my interest on him and turn his face away from me.  He seems to be reminding me for a reward if I demand a snapshot from him.


Reminders have been put up constantly by relevant authorities to the public not to feed wild animals without invalid reasons.


Flora and Fauna in their natural habitat has its own sets of survival skills.  Each bodied its own strength and flair.  Once the skills are discarded, it relies on external aid to subsist.  End of the day, what is remained and reminded is the pathetic vision asking for mercy from our human eyes.


Fortunately, monkeys are delightfully adorable, a few more to come is harmless and undisruptive at least to our very own nature that is loosing out in no time soon.

**There is a belief that the Monkey God has capabilities to do Seventy Two stuns with different transformation.

7) Friend – colour / 朋友 (7) – 色彩

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If you like blue, get to the sea, contact with the angels of peace.


If you like red, go look for Autumn, that Maple Leaf is so ravishing red.


if you like green,just open the windows or go out of the door,  lush grass is waiting for you.


Even if you like black is also true to the original universe, black is so noble and mysterious.