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Friend 30 – Raindrops, 雨点

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friend 30 -01I’m so glad to see rainfall after 10 days of smoggy experience.  The rain touches the ground, the colorless water colored the pale and grayish land where we lived.


friend 30 -02We smell the nature gratefully.  We saw the smiley plants and flowers, and the relief of the concrete floor dancing with smoke.


friend 30 -04We saw peoples happily hiding under the roof.  We heard thunder visiting by the window side, witnessed the birth of rain from the sky.


friend 30 -03I felt something moving in my heart.  Shouldn’t we realize, shouldn’t we cherish the piece of land we are living?



Friend (29) – The sweet and bitterness of life

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sweet n bitterness of life 01

There’s this 5-piece English historical building theme coasters sticking on my kitchen wall for many years.  I recalled it’s a gift from a friend some 20 years ago.  This friend was a full-time architect and a part-time chorus conductor.  I was then a lame singer in the choir.

sweet n bitterness of life 02

We rarely talk, not because he is a discipline guy but I guess it’s my introvert personality that fails to break the communication barrier.  Not long after I left the choir as I need to spend more time on personal enhancement.

sweet n bitterness of life 03

Yet, I was surprised by a surprise.  I received a souvenir from him through my sister who is also a choir member.  I came to know that he bought me the gift during his Europe tour.  As he knew I have a penchant for architectural stuff and he specially choose this theme for me.

sweet n bitterness of life 05

I recalled I was stunned and moved by this friendly thoughts.  On social ground I should at least give him a ring to deliver my gratitude.  But I didn’t, as I wasn’t a person good at expressing myself.  Yet, my way of displaying my gratitude is to hang the coasters on my kitchen wall.  Everyday, the coasters remind me of this nice, gentleman I’ve met in this lifetime.

sweet n bitterness of life 04

Lately, I came to know that he’s facing some upheaval in life.  It’s not easy to meet up again, but I’ll like to take the opportunity of this write-up to wish him all the best and have all his good wishes come true.  At least, there is also another man like him, who’s always standing behind, tasting the sweet and bitterness of life with another….Be blessed, my long lost friend!

Friend (28) – The backyard friends

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backyard friend 01

Backyard is not only a place for laundry or cooking matters.  Backyard is a place where I could natters and observes my green friends grow.  Though, space is a concern and constraint, we have to live with it.  To me, space is not about how much you own, it’s all about how much you’re optimizing it.

 We can’t change the size of the box, but we are able to change the setting within.  A potted plant wouldn’t obstruct our movement so much.  But when you feel so sick about the piled up laundry and the undone dishes, take a glance at this little green fairy, it’s smiling at you.  You would be sure, all along you are not doing the mundane work alone.



backyard friend 03

Sometimes, they will laugh over my cooking skill.


backyard friend 02

Sometimes, they feel so shy to tell you.


backyard friend 04

Sometimes, they just can’t breath over the oily stuffs and trying to jump out of the window.


backyard friend 05

You can consider owning air plant, if space is really constraints.


backyard friend 06

Some are slim and elegant.


backyard friend 07

Some are just very space compromising.


backyard friend 08

Most importantly, we need a space for green within ourselves.


Friend (27) – My yummy day

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yummy day 04

I didn’t finish up the yam I bought the last moon-cake festival, it’s still lying in my fridge for several months.

yummy day 01

By chance, I took out one of them and decided to grow it in a pot.  I treat it as part of my lucky prediction, I guess…!  Incredibly, it started to grow within a few days!  The process reminds me that things are just there all along, we just need to be patient and wait for the time to ripe.

yummy day 05

Sometimes, we believe to be efficient, we need to get things done immediately.  But sometimes, it just doesn’t work that way and the results may not turn out in your favor.  Then, we feel frustrated and miserable; hence to buy more time is the priority we have to approach.

yummy day 02

No doubt, there isn’t a deadline to stomach this piece of yam, but still, a sense of guilt creep in, as I never finish up my food.  But gladly, by not consuming it, give the yam an un-expecting livelihood and gave me a chance to relate this wonderful story.

yummy day 03

The yam makes its way out of the other side of the green.  It’s vital enough to inspire hope on us.  Just as you thought life is withering, it could be just the beginning, like the pearl drop.

yummy day 06

How can I bear to finish him up and burp with contentment?  Just as my wish for this year need to be justified.  I wish him a speedy growth.  So that he can be my umbrella, shade me underneath his arm from the sun and rain.

We shall weep, hug each other and watch the sun go down together.

Thank you, my friend!

Friend (26) – My Pair of Sandals

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This pair of sandals has been with me for the past 8 years.  We have gone through life’s ups and downs, tasted the sweet and bitterness.  No regrets, I would say, cheers to what we have been through these years!

sandal 01

Thank you for being my toes protector, guardian to my feet.  You shade me from sun and rain.  Even though the coverage is not complete, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Together, we search for the greens, stroll through the years looking for hope and revival.  Staying in tune with nature, tolerated the attack of the insect troopers.  We interviewed the leaves, chat with the plants, invited trees to be our guests.  We worked as a team to be a green ambassador, rejuvenate our souls and even water the dry earth.

sandal 02

We traveled to Dubai, open our eyes and brighten our vision.  We landed on Yanggon together, shaken by their cultures and warmness.  We have seen many dark side of human and also seen many as bright as the holy land.  The sandy roads we have traveled made your body wear and tear.  The crack on your body reflected you have aged.  But you have no complaints.  I feel so sorry about it.

sandal 03

Thank you once more for what you have done for the past 8 years.  You make my life more vibrant and wonderful.  I’ll remember the many roads we have walked past.  How many stories we have shared and how may days and nights we have roamed around.  You were my true companion and going to be my friend of remembrance.  I’ll put every individual scene I could remember in my book.  Each page is linked.  It’s just like the bond of our friendship.  It’ll be penned down just like the beginning of a newborn, till your golden age, I’ll never forget.

sandal 05

I’ll remember you my friend, as a long journey companion and friend.  Thank you.

Friend (25) – I am so glad you have grown up, my friend

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friend 25-01

On 21 August 2012, I posted a post on Peacock plant under ‘My Friend’ series.  During that time, this plant was young and tender and I wish he’ll be growing happily like a kid.

friend 25-05

6 months down the road, I heard him greeting me this morning.  This one-foot tall kid greets me first thing in the morning.  Before that, I don’t really pay attention on him.  Reason being that I have too much things to care for in my secret garden.  Also, too much thing to meddle on my daily job.

friend 25-03

And to my surprise, this little kid has grown up to be a one-foot tall gentleman.  When I talk about his greetings it’s as simple as just a warm stare at each other.  I’m just too amaze about his speed of growing which is more than what I have expected!

friend 25-04

There is a Chinese saying’无心插柳柳成阴”, literally means unintentional actions may bring unexpected success.  I was truly enlightened by this word of wisdom!

friend 25-02

Again, it is a sight I am looking for in this atmosphere of spring!  It doesn’t matter how exuberant he is, or how much fruits he will be baring, I am looking at his uplifting spirits, his will to put enough effort to penetrate hardship and go through obstacles.  Fruits or flowers are just extra bonuses!

Friend (24) – No Doomsday but Dawn is here / 朋友- 末日早晨

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dawn 01

A thin layer of fog floating on the grass, just awaken.  That’s the face of nature’s pure, perfect face under the escort of the Divine.  No one can help not to give it a second glance…on the day after doomsday, on the morning after doomsday; a brand new morning!




dawn 03

Cool air and blue sky, accompanied by the sounds of insects hidden in the green grass, I rejoice with the miracles in my eyes and the warm in my heart.


dawn 06

Standing outside the fence, asking myself how often do I witness nature with his hazy eyes.  While eveyone is busy with the myth of the Apocalypse, the new day has gradually emerge, never deceptive, never turn up late with hesitation.  Giving everyone a fair day of his own.


dawn 04

How far you go with the 24-hour is up to you.  You can walk a distance with it and you can fly far with it.  Paint this canvas of the sky with your own colours, you may obtain your own rainbow or may not even sell it for a penny.


dawn 05

I am not fearful of the end of the world, I am more apprehensive when the world lost its sight of light.  Then, front with tract of the sunray, doesn’t it have enough to shoot through the doomsday?  We don’t even have to debate about it!


Friend (23) – Falling is Just Another Form of Dancing / 朋友- 跌倒又跳舞

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Road, it is born for us to tread on.  For a life time, we flatten and walk on it for countless time.  Yet, when it is uneven, we start to complain about it, and when we trip on it, we grumble on our own bad luck.
Yet, if you are lucky, you board the broad sunny way with pleasant scenery and you say, “well, I created my own road”.  Then, many a times, we step on mud, collide with stones, cross the tough Himalayas, go against the tide of the Atlantic.  And again, this is the time you started to question yourself on the road you are travelling.
The day I nearly slip and fell on a mossy floor along the corridor.  In the midst of panic, I felt I fell with a beautiful stance, and started to understand the fact that a fall can be swift, yet graceful and poise.
Life is filled with swiftly changes and it is a stage with ups and downs.  Rather than complaining it being slippery, why not help things along; have a dancing fall, slide out your steps with a spring, as Spring is not far away from us!






Friend (22) – Small vegetation / 朋友- 小植物

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We often stop by the road, and notice small little plants piercing their way out from crack line or slit of wall.
The small vegetation can operate in a small corner of the sky, with a feeble body, in a harsh environment.  The struggling spirit is respectable.
We feel this resilient power in countless people.  As there is no overnight success, just like swaying from a bumpy sea, the myth of achievement often emerged from diligence and spirit of hard work.
While we look around in all places, we see people, especially the blue collar workers; day in, day out, they are able to work under harsh environment, at long hauls.  This proves that the small plant is not diminutive at all, as it has an attitude that is bigger than life itself!





Friend (21) – My Silhouette / 朋友 – 我的轮廓

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Today is not a fresh and awakening Monday morning, but when I look out the window, a shadow lands on the wall of the building.
It is the silhouette of the building where I stay.
Perhaps, we feel very insignificant compared to this big universe.  Then, leaving in a small space will indirectly affect our mindset.
This scene reminded me that I am living in a building other than a home.  Outside this home, there are more space with different views awaiting for you.
You can try to stay along the corridor way for a little longer, waiting for a neighbour whom you can speak with, or choose taking the stairs to experience the difference of ascending and descending.
In this scene, I found my friend, he is call “space”.