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Singapore’s most popular dog breeds

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According to AVA (Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) records, below are the tops 10 most popular dog breeds in Singapore.

pic11) Shih Tzu

pic32) Mixed breed such as Spoodle

pic53) Jack Russell Terrier

pic74) Maltese

pic95) Miniature Schnauzer

pic126) Golden Retrievers

 pic147) Chihuahua

pic168) Poodle

pic179) Labrador Retriever

pic2010) Pomeranian

unlisted 01West Highland White Terrier – unlisted


Where was your 1st Ice Cream born?

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By courtesy of
By courtesy of

Singapore Cold Storage Company was the 1st supermarket that manufactured ice cream in 1923. The local oldest supermarket set up in 1903, its first Cold Storage Supermarket open in the 1930s on Orchard road.

 So, can you imagine how difficult to get a stick of ice cream in the olden day?

What are your 60s products?

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60s productsThese are the electrical products commonly used in the 60s of my country.

 They are all PHILIPS’s products. I personally used transistor radios, tape recorders and record players before.

For PHILISHAVE, I was not qualified at that time…

Now, I am qualified but then they are no longer qualified in this Era.

 If you have it one or more of those, keep the physical body, share the memories with the next generation.

What are the things on and above the grass field?

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eunos mrt 01When space allowed, the open space grass field next to the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station is always able to accommodate many kinds of activity. 

 Pasah Malam (night market), mobile circle, exhibitions and religion ceremonies are some of those frequent activities I could remember.

eunos mrt 04 This in fact is a good and smart idea for space optimization.  The day in day out route draws great attention for community bond, at the same time linked up social awareness as well.

eunos mrt 03The ceremony here is held outside Eunos MRT station where a Taoism religious celebration took place.  The on going Teo Chew Chinese opera performance is a form of showing gratitude to gods while audience enjoy in appreciation.

eunos mrt 05The wooden throne seats catered for heavenly gods are cart by disciples while it swings in trance.  Simple decorations those days were replaced by modern days decorative technology and creativities.  Seats are litten up with colors of neon and eyes-catching blinkers.

eunos mrt 02When the field is empty after the day of activities, what is the something that will draw your attention from above?

More than cloud and sky

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Booted eagle spotted at Seletar By courtesy of
Booted eagle spotted at Seletar
By courtesy of

According to a local article written by photographic journalist, Lee Tian QI (李天锜), about 30 numbers of birds of prey transited through Singapore as migrant in September.

Chinese Goshhawk spotted at Seletar. By courtesy of
Chinese Goshhawk spotted at Seletar.
By courtesy of

They flew all the way from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere, some stay for 1 or 2 days, while some stay up for a few months.

Crested Honey-buzzard spotted at Seletar. By courtesy of
Crested Honey-buzzard spotted at Seletar.
By courtesy of

During the stay, the birds frequently visited Sungei Buloh, Seletar, Changi and Jurong Lake, where most of the wetland and mangrove are.  While others look for footprints, the avid interest of Lee prompts him to hunt for ‘birdprints’.

He had experienced witnessing a Japanese Sparrow Hawk chasing a group of birds.

Eastern Marsh Harrier spotted at Changi. By courtesy of
Eastern Marsh Harrier spotted at Changi.
By courtesy of

I thanked him for the great discovery and generously sharing this information with us.  Ever since reading the article, it is not just sky and cloud appearing in my eyes whenever I looked up to the sky.

Japanese Sparrow Hawk spotted at Lorong Halus Wetland. By courtesy of birdgroupsingapore
Japanese Sparrow Hawk spotted at Lorong Halus Wetland.
By courtesy of birdgroupsingapore

There are more things beyond that.  I believe this is what the writer is trying to tell us.  There is certainly something to look for on this little red dot.

Welcome to SPCA Gala Dinner

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spca gala dinner  01Hi all!

You are invited to come for the SPCA GALA DINNER!

Please dress up well, I mean your loveable pets and get ready for the big event!

All proceeds and donations will go towards the building of new SPCA premises.

Go get ready the Tuxedo and Cinderella dress!

Good news from Marine Biodiversity Survey

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Berthelinia sp
Berthelinia sp

According to the local news, The Straits Times, lately, the 5 years comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey (CMBS) has collected about 30,000 specimens which are conducting in mudflats, seabeds and reed habitats.

elysia slug
elysia slug

14 species have been identified possibly new to science, more than 80 new records have been found and about 10 have been rediscovered.

Labuanium politum
Labuanium politum
ula anatina, a rediscover
ula anatina, a rediscover

????????????????????????The ‘Lipstick’ sea anemone found in mudflats at Pulau Ubin, is a predatory animal which has a distinctive red mouth and may not have been recorded anywhere else in the world.


'Zee' an undetermined mangrove gobyAnother species identified as possibly new to science is the orange-clawed mangrove crab found in coastal mangroves and a small goby, nicknamed ‘Zee’ found in mudflats off Lim Chu Kang.