2) My home cook food / 我的家常便饭

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材料/ Ingredients

金目鲈一只/ 1 Sea Bass

豆拌酱两汤匙/ Preserved Soy Beans 2 teaspoon

酸梅酱两汤匙/ Plum Sauce 2 teaspoon

指天椒五条剁碎/ 5 Chili Padi chopped into pieces

姜三小片/ 3 slices Ginger

香茅一寸长些许 / Few slices of Lemon Grass


做法/ Method

1)     鱼去肠除鳞洗干净, 姜片和香茅塞入鱼肚除腥提香, 放少许盐腌一下/ Cut and wash Sea Bass, slot ginger slices and lemon grass into the stomach, marinade with ½ tsp of salt

2)     把酸梅酱, 豆拌酱和指天椒混在一起, 放少量糖和鱼露, 铺在鱼上 / Mix Preserved Soy Beans, Plum Sauce and chili padi with a little sugar and fish sauce. And spread evenly on the fish

3)     让鱼隔水蒸20分钟即可 / Steam for 20 min and It’s ready to serve


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