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Two rare scene happen in one day Pt1 – Rainbow Bridge

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I happen to look up the sky after a rainfall sun set, it wakes me up by a stun.  I saw a rainbow right above me!  It’s a primary rainbow, I believe.  Not a very contrasting one but it’s real.  I keep an eye on it trying hard not to blink my eyes…  It doesn’t make sense to others, they said after all it’s just a rainbow.  Nothing big deal!  To me, it’s big and larger than a mountain ‘cause it’s unpredictable and nature’s phenomenon.

 I got my bread and butter to go after, a desktop job enough for me to lay my head down for whole day.  The chances to raise up my head are equally low.  Rain is not rare in this tropical land, but to invite a sunbeam passing through the vapors and cast itself on a blue curtain sky at the same time to capture the eyes of its admirer is rare indeed!

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So in the end, I didn’t move my eyes away from the charming bridge just like not allowing the sun to go down on me.

Many a time, we appreciate a show for a while by adding enviable comments and move on with our journey.  But this time, I managed to finished the whole movie right from the beginning to the end, as I’m not sure when will be the next return.  It could take him a decade or one’s lifetime!  Considering that, I enjoyed the sweetness and the joy given by this heavenly arc.

 This is my first rare approach of the day; it’s charming enough to secure my other wishes…


13) Types of rainbows in the sky

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Primary rainbow
This is the most commonly seen in the sky.  It forms 40 to 42 degrees of anti solar point (an imaginary point opposite to the sun).  If there are smaller reflective droplets, only violet color will be visible.
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Secondary rainbow
A secondary rainbow cast outside or next to the primary rainbow.  It appears to be lighter than the primary.  It has a double reflections in the water droplet, also known as Alexanders Dark Band.
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Supernumerary rainbow
This is a special rainbow.  It needs interference of light rays of different wavelengths to be formed.  It appears on the inside of a primary rainbow and it is faint in color.  The faint pastel streaks of color also form outside the secondary rainbow though it is rare.
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Lunar rainbow
This rainbow is not form by sunlight but moonlight.  It appears on the Lunar month when the moon is nearly full, form by the light from the surface of the moon, reflecting in tiny droplets that cause the refraction and stream of color eventually.  It usually appears in a white faint bow on the outer rim of the moon.
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This particular rainbow is not formed by rain but fog.  This happens when water droplets are too tiny for light to pass through in the same manner as in a normal rainbow.  And when inadequate color dispersion of light takes place, it results in a white band known as white rainbow.
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“Ice Kacang” rainbow
 A local desert popular in Malaysia and SingaporeIce Kachang (Ice Beans) contains jelly, red beans, sweet corn and palm seeds, topped with shaved ice, condensed milk and Rainbow colored syrups.  Take this on hot weather will certainly put a rainbow smile on your face!


7) “Rainbow” HDB Flats

The “Rainbow” art painted public flat constructed by the Housing Development Board (HDB), I believe there are not many left in this century, where all new overruns the old.
Besides complimenting the art piece, my little mind makes me wonder how the gigantic arc was painted on this big piece of concrete canvas?  And how brilliant the designer was indeed.  We hardly look up to see a beautiful rainbow, why not stay a bit longer before we turn to the next page of the History.

A semi-circular open protruding staircase, hardly come across them apart from some HDB flats belonging to the same era.

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