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Reliving the Cactus Song


Yesterday, I received an email from a US based song writing and artist development company.

They’ve stated in the email that they were fond of one of my song series – The Cactus Song, which I have written last September on my 2nd month of blogging.  They offered me a package into buying my lyrics but I have to pay an upfront.  The company will then complete the lyrics with vocal and music to compile the song and do the advertising for me.

Though this is a brand new experience but I’m not sure why I felt uncertain about it.  Perhaps I can take this opportunity to relive this song and recap my inspirations to my lover – the Cactus Song

Baja California Desert in the Cataviña region,...

I live in Texas my homeland, a desert an untouched ground

I love the sun being my clothes

And I love the sweet, warm breezy blows

With a grouchy cuckoo on my head

No autumn leaves or winter snow

No splashing stream or falling rain

Just an empty Paradise on my own,

With the rocks and stones.

I like to dance in the falling night,

With the cowboys dancing around

That is my homeland, a desert an untouched ground

I live in Singapore IKEA my homeland, a concrete desert ground

I love the air-conditioner being my jacket all year round

And I love the halogen light giving me a good shine

With a grocery shopper passer-by

No autumn leaves or winter snow

No splashing stream or falling rain

Just a perfect Paradise within my reign

With my color and little sands deco

I like to sing in my own shadow

With the shopper’s cajoling around,

This is Singapore IKEA my homeland, a concrete desert ground.


46) We are all shouting out loud in IKEA

ikea 01

We are not going to be like this dull fellow anymore.

ikea 03

I want to be a prosperous flowerpot, making your word and world upside down!

ikea 04

I want to be the up and coming Christmas super star, shining on your wall and ground

ikea 08

I want to be a dangling dancing cushion, making your home look smart and smitten!

ikea 06

I want to be a jelly cup, filling up rainbows in your stomach!

ikea 11

I want to be an Eco reindeer, waiting for Santa happy cheers!

ikea 05

I want to hang myself in a graceful way, leading you all the way to Christmas Day!

ikea 07

I want to clean your space with my creativity, as this is my duty.

ikea 10

We want to be the flag of IKEA, joining force to capture your heart!

ikea 09

And enjoy a colorful dream at dark!


Here you come, a brand new you after walking out from IKEA and after knowing us!


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