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How to choose Durian?

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Is Durian’s Season now, some tips you may like to follow while choosing a king of fruit!

First, pick up a durian by using a towel cloth or a glove and give a gentle shake. If the sound is dull and subtle, this is just right. If it is knocking sound, the fruit is not ripe enough. It there is no sound; the fruit may be too ripe and taste bitterness (to some, bitterness is the best taste among).

Second, durian should smell little fragrant. Too pungent may indicates the fruit is too ripe.

Third, some seller allows open up the shell slightly to examine the flesh. It should feel soft and tender not watery and hard.

Fourth, buy back home and test personally.


My Article

my sengkang article 01Lately, a local Chinese Press published my article in one of the Leisure section. This is a prose; it talked about the beauty side of Sengkang@Promenade that is a famous estate park in Singapore.

This is the second articles published after 20 years of my “rest and relax” period.

I hope that this is not the last piece of my story.

But for sure, when ever I saw, I heard, I touched, I always think about what I write, is going to share with the whole world!

How exciting it is!

So for that, on this ordinary day, I would like to make this opportunity to thank all my followers and blogger friends.

Through my sincere heart, thank you very much!

pcn 10Wishing everyone, a warm rising sun on you!


The skulls, The rats, The centipedes and The Singapore River.

In the early years when mangroves swamps and human skulls were covered long ago before the Thomas Raffles came.

Sea Gypsies - By courtesy of Tidal Fortunes

Sea Gypsies – By courtesy of Tidal Fortunes

During the Raffles colony, Colonel Farquhar asked the Sea Gypsies who were the early communities, “Whose are all these skulls and dead bodies?” they replies, “They belongs to the men who were robbed at sea and slaughtered here.”

According to Munshi Abdullah wrote; there was a plague of rats in the river community, the size of rats were as huge as cats.

Colonel Farquhar rewarded 1 ‘wang’ for every rat been caught. Hence, thousands of rats brought in every morning. After 6 or 7 days, multitude of creatures were still can be founded. He increased the paid out to 5 ‘duit’ for each catch. But still, thousands of rats have been brought in everyday.

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Subsequently, Farquhar ordered to dig a deep trench to bury those dead bodies.

The number of rats brought in dwindled until 10 or 20 rats a day.

Not long after, centipedes struck. A number of centipedes attacked people who living on the riverbank. Again, Colonel Farquhar offered 1 ‘Wang’ for every brought in. Hundreds of catches been brought in everyday, until the number descended to 20 or 30 centipedes for 2 or 3 days. Finally, the cleaning up campaign came to the end.

Did you ever stopped by and wonder who is calling at the riverbank of Singapore River? The water? The leaf? Or the flow of reminiscences?

the skull the rats 01


We are extinction

Due to the rapid urbanization grows in Singapore, some species that are presumed nationally extinct.

This information may leads you recall when is your last encounter with nature on the earthy ground.

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Watering-Pot Shell

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Walking Flower Mantis

Singapore Brown Tarantula


This is your Roti, John!

According to a local legend, the name of the local food “Roti John” derived from a Malay hawker in the 60s. “Roti” literally means bread in Malay.

There was an Englishman, John. He ordered a hamburger at Malay store in Sembawang (a local old town).

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The Malay hawker has no idea how to make a burger, as Hamburger was not a local cuisine. But he ingeniously managed to substitute the meat to minced mutton and slices of onion in between the French loaf, and dipped the whole bread in the beaten eggs and pan-fried it.

When the food was really, he called upon the Englishman, “Silakan makan roti, John”, it means “Pleas eat this bread, John” in Malay.

Since then, this Malay cuisine adopted an English name in this genius invention.


Singapore’s Third Series Coins

Announcements by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), the third series of Singapore National coins signifies the national icons and landmarks have been released on 25th June 2013.


third coins esplanade 015 cents coin – Esplanade

10 cents coin – HDB (Housing and Development Board)

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20 cents coin – Singapore Changi Airport

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50 cents coin – Port of Singapore

third coins merlion 01$1 coin – Merlion


What’s the story beneath this island?

What character does it carry?

singapura 01In Sanskrit, it signifies Singa for a lion and Pura for a city.  “Lion City” is the complete word.

 In 1160, Sri Tri Buana, Sang Nila Utama, the ruler of an ancient kingdom saw the white shore of this little island, described by the annalist.

 He asked, “what is that stretch of sand, we see yonder?”

 “Your highness, that is the land called Temasek”.  One of the companions replied.

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When they reached the shore, he saw a strange animal “very swift and beautiful”, with a bright red body, its head jet black and its breast pure white.  The beautiful animal has the size of a he-goat.

 The companion said, “Your Highness, I have heard that in ancient times, it was a lion which has that appearance”.

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Sang Nila Utama then established a city at Temasek and name it Singapura.

 This is a short story about how the name of my country came by.


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