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Misty cloud forest not to be missed!

cloud forest 01Entering the Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, a world highest 35-meter tall indoor waterfall welcomes its guests with mist and lush vegetation.  These greens are of that from the highlands of up to 2 thousands meter above sea level.

cloud forest 02The 42-meter “cloud mountain” can be ascended comfortably with elevator, and descended by a circular path surrounded with vertical greens and cool fresh air.

The “cloud mountain” is completely clad with epiphytes such as orchids, ferns, peacock ferns, spike, clubmosses, bromeliads and anthuriums.

cloud forest 03At certain point, you may be so clouded with mist and wouldn’t see the person next to you.

cloud forest 04Or what kinds of trees are fronting your eyes!

cloud forest 05It’s a trail so wonderful and unforgettable and a trail that makes you forget about getting all drench while enjoying the walk in the mist!

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Such an inviting Amphitheatre

b amphitheatre 01Botanic Garden Amphitheatre is part of the unbeatable attraction in this national park of Singapore.  It is open to park visitors at all times but provides Orchestra occasionally.  This spaceship-like stage is sponsor by Shaw Foundation.  The curve lining of the roof is blend perfectly with charming wind and musical notes.

b amphitheatre 02Whenever there is a performance, audience from all places gather here with their family, sit on the lawn, under the wonderful fresh air and enjoy the pleasure of the sound of music.  Without any sound acoustic, playing music surrounding nature, this is the most original form of our heart beat!

b amphitheatre 04b amphitheatre 09The stage is surrounded with a waterlily pond, with beautiful flowers blooming all year round.

b amphitheatre 08Frederick Chopin is always there to be a musical inspirer and guidance.

So, why would you want to turn his invitation down!


Tanjong Rhu suspension footbridge

tanjong rhu bridge 01Tanjong Rhu Bridge is the first suspension footbridge in Singapore. It was built in 1998, spanning across the Geylang River to ease the residents and footers for traveling between National Stadium and Tanjong Rhu estate.

tanjong rhu bridge 04It was built at the construction cost of S$5.1 million, its span 130m long and 4 m wide.

tanjong rhu bridge 03The bridge is suspended by 100 number of hangar cables that are 1 inch thick and attached to two main cables that are 4.5 inches thick.

tanjong rhu bridge 02The main cables are anchored to a huge 19m high “A” like frame that located at both ends of the footbridge.

tanjong rhu bridge 05If you travel along the Geylang River side, don’t forget to spend a visit to the iconic metal footbridge. You’ll never regret your riverside walk.


A calm river at Geylang

kallang river 01Geylang River project is part of the Public Utility Board’s (PUB), Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme.

This programme allows the river water to transform into clean water with vibrancy.

kallang river 02Kallang Basin is the merging point for Kallang, Geylang and Rochor River.  After 10 years of project cleaning up from 1977 to 1987, we must be thankful to the authority involved for the returns of the original face of the water body.

kallang river 03Now, both sides of the warehouse had been demolished.  It is left with trees, green and beautiful memories to make up the beautiful nature landscape of the riverbank.


Magnificent Bull

magnificent bull 01The “Magnificent Bull” bronze sculpture is located outside at the visitor center, Marina Gardens By the Bay.

Sculptor Walter Matia was born in Maryland, United states. Graduate in Massachusetts with degrees in Biology and Art Design.

magnificent bull 02This is a true belief to be why he has a full collect of animal’s sculptures.

magnificent bull 03As Walter says,” I am a hunter, a fisherman, a bird watcher, a book collector, a lover of natural history curiosities, an undisciplined dog trainer, and some say, a good game cook. I enjoy these passions-which have their own rewards; but they also provide the narratives of my art. I am not searching for more facts, they can be had in abundance from secondary sources; I am trying to understand the whole sense of a place.”


Hi Heliconia!

heliconia 01Heliconia, name derived from the Greek word Helikonios. It has over 200 species in single genus. The plant vibrant in color, grow well in Tropical region, is one of the composition of the Ginger Order. Let’s explore other creative and fun names beside the “Bird of Paradise”.

heliconia 02Sexy Pink

heliconia 03Surinam Gold

heliconia 04Dwarf Jamaican

heliconia 05Red-Yellow Gyro

heliconia 06Lobster Claw Two

heliconia 07Black Cherry

heliconia 08Jacquinii


Which species would you like to pick?

which species 014 types of graphical species define the location of the parking lot in Gardens By the Bay’s car park basement.

Would you like to choose a jumpy frog for your car-park lot?

which species 03Or, how about a gorgeous dragonfly?

which species 02What about a lovely butterfly?

which species 04Or you prefer fish n chip?


The “Meridian” of Gardens By the Bay

meridian of garden by the bay 01Gardens By the Bay comprises 2 conservatory cooling complex, “Cloud Forest” is on the left, where “Flower Dome” is on the right.

meridian of garden by the bay 02The construction of these two glasshouses is built in free columns and having large glass roof without any interior supports. This has to do with engineering expertise.

The “Meridian” of the structures made up by thousands of trusses and glass joints.

meridian of garden by the bay 03It forms interesting pattern on the ceiling.

meridian of garden by the bay 04It portrays dynamic and vibrant in color.

meridian of garden by the bay 05You may able to spot Marina Bay Sands at certain angle.

meridian of garden by the bay 06Would you able to reach the ridge?

meridian of garden by the bay 07Thousands on slight bends make up thousands of miracles.


1,2,3 of the Botanic Visitor Centre

visitor centre 01One – I love the elegant clock tower given by Lady McNeice.  It provides a resting place for visitors and admirers like us.

visitor centre 02Two – The rows of ferns trees welcoming you with their pure clean color.

visitor centre 04Three – Looking up to the face of the fern tree, asking anyone of them if they can shade my shoulders.

visitor centre 03Four – The canon ball tree, asking him if someone is coming after me.

visitor centre 05Five – The mini waterfall that likes speaking to me in his own language.

visitor centre 06Lastly, the turtles are the ones that never turn me down.


A corner of MacRitchie Reservoir

submerge boardway 02The purpose of construction a submerged boardwalk at MacRitchie Reservoir Park is to filter rainwater from the surrounding through plants and stone beds.  It acts like a filtration system to channel cleaner water into the reservoir.

At the same time, fun walker can have close contact with beautiful insects like dragonflies, damselflies and other aquatic life surrounding the area.

submerge boardway 01No pets and footwear are allowed on the shallow water.  If that is the case, why not hand carry your pet and they’ll love you more than ever!

submerge boardway 03At times, helicopter-like damselfly may zoom across with their horizontal propellers.

submerge boardway 04submerge boardway 05Some are thoroughly in action while some are lone ranger.

submerge boardway 10Some are so insignificant but plays and important part to purify the water for our usage.

submerge boardway 07Some are living quietly without any titles.

submerge boardway 08Some water fairies whispering by the waterside.

submerge boardway 09This is just a corner of the park, but never neglect the rest!


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