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Friend (20) – FOC Tea / 朋友 -清茶

Brew a pot of tea with three Friends – Fragrance, Optimistic and Clarity.  Looking at each other speechless beats a thousand words.

My friend is FRAGRANCE, she came up with a surge of faint fragrance and gently caressed my nose, clearing my nose, and finally hook up with my mouth leaving my lips upturn and marks at the curve.

Your OPTIMISTIC persona makes me more certain that happiness is inevitable being your friend.  Your gentle body has the ability to bring one to another realm.  There is no doubt I am affected by your pure and optimistic nature.

Staring at each other, distinguish the precision between us.  Both our CLARITY reflections mirrored on our pupils.  The longer we stare, the more apparent the lucidity.  Till the tea sediment descended thus laid the meaning of Friends.

On the path to tea appreciation, I met my three Friends, they are on the FOC and yet they lead me to the course to good health, what can be more superior?

沏一壶茶,跟三位朋友;清香, 清乐, 清澈无言对望,胜过千言万语。





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Friend (19) – The Four Gentlemen

plum flower (kind unknown)

plum flower (kind unknown) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plum Flower

My Friend, there is a nation who feels proud of you.  Your unyielding nature makes you look even emaciated.  But lanky is not your name.  You are not afraid of the cold winter, but you are the first to bloom in spring.  The first gentlemen standing on the land dancing fearlessly with spring and a smiling gentleman, I called.


My Friend, you do not mind lying next to the grave, and you do not mind associating with strangers soaking up in holy bath.  But you mind only if fall brings you the beauty of grief or sorrows.  With your haughty attitude in autumn, I do not ask for much.  As maple leaves died out all over the floor just for your tender face.

Orchids, Bamboo and Rock, before 1740, by Zhen...

Orchids, Bamboo and Rock, before 1740, by Zheng Xie (1693—1765). Hanging scroll, ink on paper. The Palace Museum, Beijing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Friend, your elegant, free and easy attitude whirling in the wind, bring a pause to my reminiscent for others.  But you are so modest, you do not forbid birds and landscape rivals with you on a manuscript and you give way to a painter’s inspiration.

A shot of an (Cymbidium - cultivar) orchid

A shot of an (Cymbidium – cultivar) orchid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Friend, you are infamous.  You uphold the title of a National Flower and people sing so well of your elegant glory.  What else do you lack of?  Your distinctiveness, wholesome and noble sentiments put you high up to the zenith.  Infact, with your independent personality, praises are to you only a title, but a pursuit in the eyes of others.


Friend (18) – Nature

English: Nice elderly couple with ear muffs De...

English: Nice elderly couple with ear muffs Deutsch: Nettes aelteres Paar mit Ohrenschuetzern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An elderly couple emerged from the early morning mist.  Age in their 80s, sported in their usual casual wear, look washed out with the waves on their face.  Unlike their silvery white sideburns, their energy never slide.  The old man held a clutch in one hand, sustained by the old lady’s feeble arm on the other.  Both look so happy like the desirable cobalt blue sky.

This is my other Friend “Nature”.  He bestowed comfortable, warm and simple affection.  Though they are just a pair of strangers in my life journey, but their presence and silhouettes never ceased to be strangers in my mind.

Few years down the road, the sight is still in my mind so sharp and clear.  No exaggerated manners needed for set off, no gorgeous embellishment required to look good.

The elderly couple emitted fragrance so natural and rustic.  No pretentious smile, just healthy, serene and noble sentiments circulated with elegant simplicity!

With the presence overtaken by events, perhaps both are together in heaven, or perhaps they are still strolling in the early mornings.  But the message my “Friend” had left behind, makes me realized the wisdom of another life, sparkling with crystal clear insight.


Friend (17) – Dream


Mantis (Photo credit: Chausinha)

The afternoon sun brim over the church hall, through the space between the iron railed window grilles.  Looking out from the window covered with climbing morning glories, on the old brick wall parked a small mantis.

This mantis is so small and frail, he leaped while the wind blows, picking himself up over and over again against the wind.  This garden with a pond is surrounded with fragrant flowers enriched with fertile soil, conclusively with this little mantis who was injured through his fall but never succumb to his collapse.

Friends, your name is “DREAM”

Praying mantis

Praying mantis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With you, saplings thrive and sprout year after year.

With you, failure is no longer an easy compromise.

With you, the wings of a dream turn stronger.

With you, countenance of the youth loses its silhouette of frustration.  The forlorn feels warm in blizzard nights.


Friend(16)- Autumn Rain

This few months, the haze from Indonesia has smog Lion City all over again.  Our smoky heart yearns to see the bright sun and flashing star yet and again.

On that day, through my window west direction, my friend finally arrived.

He came from distant lands, dragging along in his left hand layers of thick dark clouds coming from the mountain.  Trudging in his right hand a large rainy blow.  Standing behind the window, awaken from my sweet drowse, surrounded with the sniff of the immense rain.

With this timely arrival of breeze, I know the rainy season is not far away as it adds ease and bliss to my heart and a little gay.

Friend, your name is “Autumn Rain”.

Rainy Day.

Rainy Day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Faraway overlooking from my balcony, I evidence your arrival. As the Chinese poem said, “ Rain comes from the wind”. Friend, swinging your sleeves left and right, disperses the dense smoke in our city and dispels mist in our spirits.

Rainfall forms A beautiful Autumn.

Your are not just my Friend, you are indeed a friend to this piece of Land.

My friend, with you the land formats the four seasons, farmers gain their autumn harvest.

My friend, thank you for your attention, and thank you for selflessly nourishing this barren land.


Friend (15) – Silent night

Moment in the dead of night, my friend quietly visited me.  He brings with him the crystal cold dew with a basketful of blinking stars light.

His name is called “Silent Night”.  It’s tough for one to extricate from his beautiful flow.  Each time at this moment, ignite aroma incense to allow my thoughts to curl in and be shrouded with the smoke between.  With this carefree feeling I put aside the physical and mental troubles.

Silent Night, you soothe all worried faces.  You allow people to put down contradictions and conflicts, put down right and wrong and to lay down social status and class.

Your voice resonates the sounds of nature. It’s a space of emptiness, a palace of the soul for a listening ear.

This is where beauty and ugliness befall.  Right and wrong remain speechless.  Passion and indifference lost its temperature.

Silence is warmly alive at this moment.

Derision and ridicule, power and struggle, settle like dust with no flush.


Friend (14) –Car Park Entrance Gate (Barriers) / 朋友(14)- 闸门


In the eyes of others, this barrier looks like a fool, it jiggles its arm up and down whenever a vehicle comes up or goes down.  Its job is no fun at all and to some is wasting life after-all.

这小人物坚守一份小工作, 任劳任怨, 做起事来不闻不问,不问付出,不求收获,一整天只会抬头点头,举臂放下。它的唯一工作就是听从指示,不可以有意见,不可以有投诉。

Still, this little guy stick to his insignifficant work.  He is hard working, never ask for much, never ask for returns and is able to get things done in a different.  Day in day out, he jiggles his head and waggle his arms.  His only job is to follow directions. He doesn’t own his opinions or have his own grievances.


How can anyone do this, other than him?


Certainly there is!  These are machines without feelings.  Whether it is a computer on the table, the kitchen refrigerator, our 24/7 mobile phone, the comfort providing air-conditioner and so on.  Again, these are groups of hard working fools.


However, who will thank these fools?  Perhaps only fools will appreciate what these fools had done?


Indeed we need not thank them for what they done, the things we can do is to show a little gratefulness, a little cherishing and a little delighting.


By demonstrating, you feel more accommodating, less awful and that’s helpful way to stay youthful.

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Friend (13) – wall flower / 朋友(13)- 墙角花


Several pink flowers emerging from the wall, chic shapes, elegant and refine but no one catches a glimpse of them.  Then it was unperturbed with the busy footsteps that passed by her and the exhaust emitted by passing cars.


She has no friends around, without eager admirers praising her marvel.  She was there all by her own and pleased with her own admiration.


She laugh when happy, cry when sad, with no obligatory, no ruling, not barred by EQ index or high IQ.


And yet she whispers lightly to me that happiness is not through the streets, not through dressing up but through unhidden Me.  Happiness is to sing your own songs, write your own lyrics and live with bliss.


Little pink flowers along the wall come with no price tags and yet so cheery, but why? Why did you exclude me?


Friend (12) – 3P Porridge / 朋友(12)- 3P 粥

Able to leave the hustle and bustle aside, find a quiet corner, have a bowl of light porridge and enjoy the quiet and elegant moment, what else do we ask for in life.
This bowl of 3P porridge; peaceful, plain and pleasant.
A bowl of humble porridge, not known in the rack, there is no luxury embellishment, upscale environment, no gourmet reviews.  With a look pale and weak, quietly placed in front of me, just to fill up my stomach.
Although it has no load, but he still stick to his position as a tummy guardian.
This 3P sits quietly before us, can’t weigh it with a set of scale, catch no sight with our eyes, let alone into the upper crust.
As Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder, this 3P is a blessing, as it is different from the others.


Friend (11) – Monkey / 朋友(11)- 猴子


In Pierce Reservoir along Old Upper Thomson Road, saw a monkey kneeing along the roadside. His cute appearance looks ridiculous and his gray hair and insensibly manifestation guards at every car that passes by.


He stood up to the body, whenever a vehicle move closer to him as if there is something to look forward from the car.  I decline to unwind the car windows, just in case he stuns his“Seventy Two Transformation”.  While he waited for awhile and see no movement in the car, he sank back in situ.  As I direct my camera towards his direction, he ignore my interest on him and turn his face away from me.  He seems to be reminding me for a reward if I demand a snapshot from him.


Reminders have been put up constantly by relevant authorities to the public not to feed wild animals without invalid reasons.


Flora and Fauna in their natural habitat has its own sets of survival skills.  Each bodied its own strength and flair.  Once the skills are discarded, it relies on external aid to subsist.  End of the day, what is remained and reminded is the pathetic vision asking for mercy from our human eyes.


Fortunately, monkeys are delightfully adorable, a few more to come is harmless and undisruptive at least to our very own nature that is loosing out in no time soon.

**There is a belief that the Monkey God has capabilities to do Seventy Two stuns with different transformation.


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