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More than cloud and sky

Booted eagle spotted at Seletar By courtesy of

Booted eagle spotted at Seletar
By courtesy of

According to a local article written by photographic journalist, Lee Tian QI (李天锜), about 30 numbers of birds of prey transited through Singapore as migrant in September.

Chinese Goshhawk spotted at Seletar. By courtesy of

Chinese Goshhawk spotted at Seletar.
By courtesy of

They flew all the way from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere, some stay for 1 or 2 days, while some stay up for a few months.

Crested Honey-buzzard spotted at Seletar. By courtesy of

Crested Honey-buzzard spotted at Seletar.
By courtesy of

During the stay, the birds frequently visited Sungei Buloh, Seletar, Changi and Jurong Lake, where most of the wetland and mangrove are.  While others look for footprints, the avid interest of Lee prompts him to hunt for ‘birdprints’.

He had experienced witnessing a Japanese Sparrow Hawk chasing a group of birds.

Eastern Marsh Harrier spotted at Changi. By courtesy of

Eastern Marsh Harrier spotted at Changi.
By courtesy of

I thanked him for the great discovery and generously sharing this information with us.  Ever since reading the article, it is not just sky and cloud appearing in my eyes whenever I looked up to the sky.

Japanese Sparrow Hawk spotted at Lorong Halus Wetland. By courtesy of birdgroupsingapore

Japanese Sparrow Hawk spotted at Lorong Halus Wetland.
By courtesy of birdgroupsingapore

There are more things beyond that.  I believe this is what the writer is trying to tell us.  There is certainly something to look for on this little red dot.

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Welcome to SPCA Gala Dinner

spca gala dinner  01Hi all!

You are invited to come for the SPCA GALA DINNER!

Please dress up well, I mean your loveable pets and get ready for the big event!

All proceeds and donations will go towards the building of new SPCA premises.

Go get ready the Tuxedo and Cinderella dress!


Good news from Marine Biodiversity Survey

Berthelinia sp

Berthelinia sp

According to the local news, The Straits Times, lately, the 5 years comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey (CMBS) has collected about 30,000 specimens which are conducting in mudflats, seabeds and reed habitats.

elysia slug

elysia slug

14 species have been identified possibly new to science, more than 80 new records have been found and about 10 have been rediscovered.

Labuanium politum

Labuanium politum

ula anatina, a rediscover

ula anatina, a rediscover

????????????????????????The ‘Lipstick’ sea anemone found in mudflats at Pulau Ubin, is a predatory animal which has a distinctive red mouth and may not have been recorded anywhere else in the world.





'Zee' an undetermined mangrove gobyAnother species identified as possibly new to science is the orange-clawed mangrove crab found in coastal mangroves and a small goby, nicknamed ‘Zee’ found in mudflats off Lim Chu Kang.


Rain tree shading you from the rain

rain tree 07

Rain tree is one of the common species in Singapore.  By tilting your head anytime, any days, you see a giant smiling at you warm-heartedly.

rain tree 01

Albizia saman or samanea saman is the scientific name of a rain tree.  The name of this tree arises from its behaviors, as the leaves will be closed up in the evening and in rainy weather.  Therefore, it also has a Malay name Pukul Lima meaning 5 o’clock tree.

 rain tree 02

The trees located next to Evans Lodge are magnificently huge and wide with lavishly grown weeds creeping all over its body and branches.

rain tree 03

So much so it has became part of the tree’s body; no one can split them up, as they must grow as a whole.

rain tree 04

A bird nest fern also belongs to part of the community.

rain tree 06

Not one or two, they just live together simply to shade us from rain and sun.


How fragile life can be!

dengue fever 04

Lately, dengue has made its way to our little country.  Hence, the authority concerned, National Environment Agency (NEA) launched a “Do the Mozzie Wipeout” campaign to educate the public on dengue at the same time to prevent dengue from spreading.

NEA advised every household to do the following 5-step mozzie wipeout regularly:

1)     Change water in vases on alternate days.

2)     Remove water from flowerpot plate on alternate days.

3)     Turn over all pails and water storage containers.

4)     Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use.

5)     Clear blockages and put BTI insecticide in roof gutters monthly.

Also, there are 3 color codes symbolizing number of cases happening in each town.  Color ranges from the gentle case (green) to (yellow) that represent cases less than 10, until the highest level (red) that is 10 cases and above.  The color banners are hanged along the street sides to alert residents to stay vigilant and do the mozzie check regularly.

By courtesy of

By courtesy of

So far, more than 3,100 persons have been infected.  Fortunately, no deaths were reported.  But the message still bring across how fragile life can be?  We are nothing under the sting of a tiny mosquito.  Let’s take heart, our frail body can never hit the high of our ego.


Singapore Sport Hub is opening soon!


Happen to pass by the new up and coming Singapore Sport Hub.  It’s still under construction and will be completed by April 2014.  It is built on the original site of the National Stadium that was demolished in 2010.

Artist impression

Artist impression

stadium 03

Artist impression

The cutting edge design comes with integrated sports, entertainment and lifestyle businesses for everyone in Singapore.  It focuses on integrated program on the premier land & water sports center.

With a 55,000 capacity, the retractable roof offers comfort and shady zone for supportive spectators.  Indoor Aquatic Centre comes complete with leisure facilities, expandable to 6,000-capacity for specific events that meets world-class tournament.  Scores of commercial spaces cater for F&B and shopping needs.  Located next to Stadium MRT station, it is just stops away from Changi Airport MRT station.  It comes hassle-free for sports enthusiast from all over the world touching down for tournament.

Completion is expected to be less than a year from now, can’t wait to see it open and happen!


‘Shiok’ Singapore

Singapore Tourist Board made this short film to promote tourism in Singapore.  The word ‘Shiok’ literally means wonderful or fantastic.  It’s a broadly used local expression on something that you feel good or enjoyable about.

 Example, drinking a cool, icy drink on a hot weather can be ‘shiok’.

 A return from a wonderful trip is ‘shiok’.

 Taking steamboat in cold season can be ‘shiok’

 Having a nice cup of coffee in the morning can be ‘shiok’.

 For me, walking in the rain is ‘shiok’.

 So, what is your definition about ‘shiok’?


A Bucida tree will never turn you down

bucida tree 03

I got to know Bucida molineti tree since the day I shifted here some 12 years ago.  At that time, it was a man with the height of his childhood.  But then, he’s as tall as a four storey apartment now, and I’m sure he is holding an important role in decorates our neighborhood landscapes.

bucida tree 02

Attracted by this lovely tree, right from the sleek silhouette to the elegant exterior it portrays.  The tiny arms and the leafy evergreens express himself in a refine and delicate manner.

bucida tree 05

Leafs are gently small compared to the size of the body.  By saying that, he seems like standing on a moderate path, offering the blue sky to us and at the same time shading us from the cheerful bright sun.

bucida tree 01

I like walking on pavements shaded with these trees, under their widely open arms.  Sometimes, the dropping leaves may accidentally got stuck on my glasses, but the kiss of it is so light and soft that I felt like it’s the teardrops of the tree.

bucida tree 06

Taking a second look at it, does it strike a chord on you?  Yes, it looks like an upside down Christmas tree.  So the next time you bump into one, ask him “where have all the Christmas trees gone?”  I believe his answer will never turn you down.


They are not lonely at all

choa chu kang cemetery 01

Today is the last day of Qing Ming festival. According to Chinese believes, Qing Ming duration stretch over 20 days that is before and after 10 days of the actual Festive season.

The Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is the biggest cemetery in Singapore, located at west side of the island that takes approximately an hour to reach from my home.

This is the only burial cemetery left in operation but this also proves that many friends will be known in this special community.

My ancestors are somewhere there, the rest are their friends, a group of long living friends!

choa chu kang cemetery 02

This Golden Shower tree is a very special friend of everybody. He is the Guard man of this senior home as well as the directional sign.

choa chu kang cemetery 03

Some, they like to wave at you and show you the colorful smile over this windy season!

choa chu kang cemetery 04

Some, they prefer stay green for lifetime on your head!

choa chu kang cemetery 05

Some like us; be a green follower!

choa chu kang cemetery 06

And some are so sweet and beautiful!

choa chu kang cemetery 07

Some are very union, putting effort to get close to each other and cheer up the environment.

choa chu kang cemetery 08

That’s why I’m glad they are not lonely at all…


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