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Different types of Durian

Here are different types of Durian shown above and some recommended below.

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D24 – Bittersweet in taste, with small seed and flesh in dark yellow color.

This is one of the most expensive varieties.

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XO – It has bitter taste and XO aftertaste. This is one of the most expensive among all.

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Hong Xia- (meaning red prawn) the flesh in the color of cooked prawn, thin and orangey, strong aroma.

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Mao Shan Wang- (meaning mountain cat king) the flesh that is firm on the outside, creamy on the inside. Having the most satisfying of all durians types, having said that, this is considered the best among all.

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Red, Orange meat- one of the rare varieties, fruits are very small and can be held by one palm. Both are considered as Wild Durians.

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Esplanade – The biggest Durian in the world

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How to choose Durian?

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Is Durian’s Season now, some tips you may like to follow while choosing a king of fruit!

First, pick up a durian by using a towel cloth or a glove and give a gentle shake. If the sound is dull and subtle, this is just right. If it is knocking sound, the fruit is not ripe enough. It there is no sound; the fruit may be too ripe and taste bitterness (to some, bitterness is the best taste among).

Second, durian should smell little fragrant. Too pungent may indicates the fruit is too ripe.

Third, some seller allows open up the shell slightly to examine the flesh. It should feel soft and tender not watery and hard.

Fourth, buy back home and test personally.


Wild growing Albizia tree

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Due to the fast growing speed, Albizia tree (Falcataria moluccana) has never been the roadside tree in Singapore. The trees were first grown in Singapore Botanic Gardens in 1870 and later shifted to waste ground where it start proliferate.

Albizia is a can grow from sapling to a tree in 35 feet (10.7m) tall, within 13 months. The huge number of seeds in pods can multiply in the wild.

Although, the tree is beautiful and widely spread like a green canopy. But the branches may prone to fall over the stormy rain, and cast a danger to the road users. Since then, Albizia tree has been out under Tree Conservation Area (TCA) due to it reality and practicality.


The ten common trees in Singapore

Introduce 10 common trees in Singapore, wishing them shade you from the summer sun and bring you the joy of greenery.

rain tree 01Rain Tree


yellow flame treeYellow Flame

Senegal Mahogany

broad-leafed mahoganyBroad-leafed Mahogany

tembusu tree 01Tembusu Tree

sea apple 01Sea Apple

saga tree 01Saga Tree

Trumpet Tree

Sea Almond


We are extinction

Due to the rapid urbanization grows in Singapore, some species that are presumed nationally extinct.

This information may leads you recall when is your last encounter with nature on the earthy ground.

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Watering-Pot Shell

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Walking Flower Mantis

Singapore Brown Tarantula


Am I cute enough at this age?

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Singapore kids have one of the highest rates of myopia in the world. About one out of two children under 12 have to wear glasses. To some, are cute and adorable. To some are related genetic that couldn’t help much.

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Stay a distance from the computer, television. If not, you will be spending extra money to heal the problems in the future.

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I meant it!


Singapore’s most popular dog breeds

According to AVA (Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) records, below are the tops 10 most popular dog breeds in Singapore.

pic11) Shih Tzu

pic32) Mixed breed such as Spoodle

pic53) Jack Russell Terrier

pic74) Maltese

pic95) Miniature Schnauzer

pic126) Golden Retrievers

 pic147) Chihuahua

pic168) Poodle

pic179) Labrador Retriever

pic2010) Pomeranian

unlisted 01West Highland White Terrier – unlisted


Where was your 1st Ice Cream born?

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Singapore Cold Storage Company was the 1st supermarket that manufactured ice cream in 1923. The local oldest supermarket set up in 1903, its first Cold Storage Supermarket open in the 1930s on Orchard road.

 So, can you imagine how difficult to get a stick of ice cream in the olden day?


What are your 60s products?

60s productsThese are the electrical products commonly used in the 60s of my country.

 They are all PHILIPS’s products. I personally used transistor radios, tape recorders and record players before.

For PHILISHAVE, I was not qualified at that time…

Now, I am qualified but then they are no longer qualified in this Era.

 If you have it one or more of those, keep the physical body, share the memories with the next generation.


What are the things on and above the grass field?

eunos mrt 01When space allowed, the open space grass field next to the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station is always able to accommodate many kinds of activity. 

 Pasah Malam (night market), mobile circle, exhibitions and religion ceremonies are some of those frequent activities I could remember.

eunos mrt 04 This in fact is a good and smart idea for space optimization.  The day in day out route draws great attention for community bond, at the same time linked up social awareness as well.

eunos mrt 03The ceremony here is held outside Eunos MRT station where a Taoism religious celebration took place.  The on going Teo Chew Chinese opera performance is a form of showing gratitude to gods while audience enjoy in appreciation.

eunos mrt 05The wooden throne seats catered for heavenly gods are cart by disciples while it swings in trance.  Simple decorations those days were replaced by modern days decorative technology and creativities.  Seats are litten up with colors of neon and eyes-catching blinkers.

eunos mrt 02When the field is empty after the day of activities, what is the something that will draw your attention from above?


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