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Why are tree trunks in round tube form?

round tree 01Have you ever wonder why tree trunks are all round in section but not in other shapes?

 Life form always made its way towards the most adaptable and comfortable environment.

 That applies to plants too!

round tree 02Based on the same circumference, area for a circle is the largest among other shapes.  Trees made used of this natural advantage and cleverly channel the nutrition through this concept.

 Shapes in circular are more resistant to external damaging.  Imagine a square or flat surface tree trunk will provide a suitable angle for animals’ chews and gobbles.

round tree 03Round shapes also provide less wind resistant, an ideal way to bypass the impact of wind force from the external surf.

 This great wise man on earth inspired the shape of the lamppost.  It takes hundreds of, millions of years of self-development to acquire the stage now.

Day in, day out, we take things for granted.  So, do we know the moral of the story now…?


I’m a Hercules

Rhinoceros beetles are named after their long strong horn. This hero is the champion among them for horn length. Their horns use to fight rival males and impress female. It can interlock, push, lift and slam down or even snap off enemy’s head.

It can live up to 2.5 years and reach up to 20 cm in total body length.

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Rhinoceros beetle is one of the strongest animals in the world. It can lift more than 800 times its own body weight. Imagine a person weight of 60 kg, how much can he carry base on 800 times power? The answer is 48 tones! For that, I salute him as a Hero Hercules in the insect kingdom!


The differences between the 2L

The 2L represents Lotus and (water) Lily

Basically, they are different plants, but they look so similar.

To some, lotus and lily are the same.  To some, they know the differences but might not be able to differentiate them.

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Lotus has broad round leaves that are held above the water.  The flowers have pungent fragrance and usually come in pink.  Also, the flowers and stem grow above water.  It produces a perforated seedpod and the seeds and roots can be eaten.

Water lily has pads that float on the water surface.  They come in various colors.  Flower sits on the water.  The fragrance is softer and less pungent compared to lotus.


What kind of tree is not important anymore!

mysterious tree 01The tree in the picture has been discovered in the dense forest Gujarat, India.

According to the blogger coolguyramforyou, he claimed that this is a mysterious tree but not “Baobab” tree.

I know little about “Baobab” tree, but the most important attractions to me are, when you move yourself closer to look at the tree.

mysterious tree 02mysterious tree 03mysterious tree 04mysterious tree 05mysterious tree 07mysterious tree 08mysterious tree 09Sydney thanks him for sharing with us this great discovery and awesome post!

Do you agree with me?


What meal Watermeal should deserve?

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Watermeal belongs to aquatic plants.  Green in color, about 1mm in size, the flowers was as small as needle tips.

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This little fairy owns 3 world record titles for the smallest plant in the world; smallest plant that can bloom flower in the world and the smallest seed and fruit in the world.

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There are 9 to 11 species under the genus, Wolffia is the smallest among them, sizes from 0.4 to 0.9mm in length.  The sizes of the seeds and fruits are as fine as salts.

On top of loosing out in size, environmental pollutions also make it tougher to locate them.

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The next time you spot them, please offer them your gentle loving care, as this is the biggest meal they deserved.


Why leaves always come with pointed tip?

The shape of a leaf is just like human being, born of different kinds of shapes and sizes.  Different shapes like round, sword, oval, heart, diamond and spoon etc.  But, majority of the similarities are derived from the sharp pointed tip.

Why is it that most of the tips are pointed than others?

countdown party 10Reason being that when water drops on the surface of the leaf, it will be absorbed as much as so.  The remains of the droplets will be discharged as fast as it can to save the leaf from rotting.

Nature has design the pointed tips for water to be channeled easily and disperse the extras as fast as it could be to the ground for the survival of other life.

Take a piece of cake just enough for yourself, and share the rest with others.  This is the moral of the story that we should learn from nature.


Don’t mix up with these two dragons

Dragonflies are generally larger and perched with open wings that are perpendicular to the body.

Compared to damselfly, its elongated body are much more flatter.  The eyes are very close to each other.

Most of them can’t walk well, but it’s believed to be one of the fastest flying insects in the world.

Dragonflies are predators.  They capture their prey in flight and prey on mosquitoes and other insects like bees, ants, flies, butterflies and moths just to name a few.  But it is also subject to other predators like frogs, birds, spiders and even their larger counterparts.

dragonfly 02

Comparing to dragonflies, damselflies are generally smaller in size and look more fragile in appearance.  Its body is long and skinny and usually ends with a dew form.

 The wings are usually perch close and parallel to the body.

 It is a weak flyer, eyes separated apart and they are predator too.  Their food consumption is equally small as of the predator.

 Both are closely related group of insects.


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