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Reblog from National Geographic “The Birds of paradise”

After 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea and Australia,

Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman succeeded in capturing images of all 39 species in the bird-of-paradise family for the first time ever.

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Gratitude to our parents

gratitude to our parents 01

The Buddha said, “ There are two persons to whom one can never adequately express one’s gratitude. They are our mother and father.” Our parents have made great sacrifices and took great pain to nurture us.

The Buddha said we should repay the kindness of our parents in 5 ways:

1)     By supporting them (just us they have supported us)

2)     By doing their duties

3)     By protecting the family property

4)     By preserve the family honour

5)     By dedicating the merits virtuous deeds to our deceased parents

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Movie preview “ Welcome To The Punch”

welcome to the punch 11welcome to the punch 083 years ago, detective Max was shot and injured by a robber, Jacob Sternwood. Total of 4 robbers were escaped.

 And now, Sternwood returned as a father with deep parental love, batten down the hatches to rescue his son who is in a heist.

welcome to the punch 10The chasing begins on this line.  Max was given another chance to take down the man who cost him everything in his life besides his wound.  Hatred and dignity were behind the call for pay back.  The conflicts flashed through the cityscapes and streets of London.

welcome to the punch 12Slit cut mood gives credit to this action packed movie.  The thundering sound effects and the exchange of gunshot almost make me fell off my chair.  Whether it’s the lighting effects or the costume make-up, this motion picture is not for the fans of ‘Superman’ or ‘Fast & Furious’.  While a hero reigns the show, it is definitely worth the while to get your tickets.  Be charmed by the fearless eyes of Mark Strong and get submerge into the whole action with your popcorns!

welcome to the punch 13


What a hardy tree like him

greenheart_trees (

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The ‘greenheart’ tree grows in Guiana, South America.  The scientific name, Chlorocardium, (chloro means green; cardia means heart).  It is the genus family of Lauraceae.

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The tree can grow up to 40m high and is one of the densest and hardest woods in the world.

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Due to its extreme hardiness, standard tools cannot lay a hand on it.  For that reason, it has greater commercial value for construction materials, dock and marine industry.  It can also be used as a medicinal cure for reducing fever.


The unbearable lightness of Tree

Balsa tree is the most lightweight wood in the world.  It grows in the tropical forest of America; the weight is one-tenth over the same volume of others.  It was therefore also given the name ‘Light wood’.

 Balsa is one of the fastest growing trees in the world.  The tree trunk is huge and tall, leaf like Phoenix tree, and it’s green all year round.

It has a wide range of application.  Just to name a few, it can be produced into bottle’s cock; life saving items; electricity insulation and soundproof acoustics.

 The balsa wood is also an ideal material for construction of aerospace and marine engineering.

 This light tree is just right to reflect the unbearable lightness of being ‘The Tree’.



The Armoured troopers

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This giant Weta can only be found in limited area of New Zealand. It can grow up to 10 cm in length, 5 years in lifespan. Giant Wetas can weight more than 60g, which makes them one of the heaviest of all insects.

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The name ‘Weta’ was derived from New Zealand Maori words, meaning ‘spirit of ugly things’. The physical appearance of this insect may looks like katydid, grasshopper or cricket but the hind legs are enlarged and spiny. Many of them are wingless and predators.

Wetas are not great leapers like their cousins – katydid, grasshopper and cricket. But with the surprisingly speed and the power of the rear leg, and tough skin he always put on, this solider is like an army trooper with fully armoured protector in the battlefield.


Why are white flowers more fragrant than others?

white flower 02Did you notice why white color flowers gives out stronger fragrance than other colored flowers?

 Plants bear flowers for fruits and propagation.  It requires helps from external sources like insects and wind to pollinate.

 One way to invite insects is to cosmetic or beautify oneself so as to enhance the chances of visiting.

white flower 01Nature has its way for survivor and its objective to live.  White flowers present themselves by offering unique scent to potential visitors just like the strategy that applies to all beings.

 If you sight a frangipani flower wearing a pure white gown waving at you, please do not doubt its intention, it’s as pure as its scent!


Why are tree trunks in round tube form?

round tree 01Have you ever wonder why tree trunks are all round in section but not in other shapes?

 Life form always made its way towards the most adaptable and comfortable environment.

 That applies to plants too!

round tree 02Based on the same circumference, area for a circle is the largest among other shapes.  Trees made used of this natural advantage and cleverly channel the nutrition through this concept.

 Shapes in circular are more resistant to external damaging.  Imagine a square or flat surface tree trunk will provide a suitable angle for animals’ chews and gobbles.

round tree 03Round shapes also provide less wind resistant, an ideal way to bypass the impact of wind force from the external surf.

 This great wise man on earth inspired the shape of the lamppost.  It takes hundreds of, millions of years of self-development to acquire the stage now.

Day in, day out, we take things for granted.  So, do we know the moral of the story now…?


I’m a Hercules

Rhinoceros beetles are named after their long strong horn. This hero is the champion among them for horn length. Their horns use to fight rival males and impress female. It can interlock, push, lift and slam down or even snap off enemy’s head.

It can live up to 2.5 years and reach up to 20 cm in total body length.

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Rhinoceros beetle is one of the strongest animals in the world. It can lift more than 800 times its own body weight. Imagine a person weight of 60 kg, how much can he carry base on 800 times power? The answer is 48 tones! For that, I salute him as a Hero Hercules in the insect kingdom!


The differences between the 2L

The 2L represents Lotus and (water) Lily

Basically, they are different plants, but they look so similar.

To some, lotus and lily are the same.  To some, they know the differences but might not be able to differentiate them.

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Lotus has broad round leaves that are held above the water.  The flowers have pungent fragrance and usually come in pink.  Also, the flowers and stem grow above water.  It produces a perforated seedpod and the seeds and roots can be eaten.

Water lily has pads that float on the water surface.  They come in various colors.  Flower sits on the water.  The fragrance is softer and less pungent compared to lotus.


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