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To all my Dearest Followers and Blogger friends.

I have been absent from ADDGRAINONEARTH for more than a month.

The Reason is that I was drown in my newly set up 3d printing company that focus and time is the main issue to build a strong foundation for a long journey.

But ADDGRAINONEARTH is not far away still, Sydney is still strolling his garden trail while whispering to all plants and trees.

At the same time, also hope you all can feel and hear what he was like to share with you.

He will be back surely as he promised, vowed to this greenland.

We shared this  piece of holy ground without ranking.

Meanwhile, watch him and Rock Solid 3D in action.

Author: Sydney Fong

Hi, I am Sydney, a Singaporean. Making a living as an Architectural Illustrator, 3d product designer and visionary. My blog entails categories of my interest, joy, upheaval of life and its destiny. Every post has its own characteristic. It conveys a story of its own, and the life of its owner.

55 thoughts on “RockSolid3D video

  1. Lovely to see you back here, take it easy Sidney!

  2. Nice to see you back, Sydney. Best wishes with your new 3D printing company!

  3. All so very neat, Sidney! And fascinating.
    PS: I liked the music too. :)

  4. Welcome back, Sydney, and all the best with your business expansion. We need you voice to keep our earth green.

  5. Happy to again hear your voice, Sydney.

  6. Wow! Very cool, Sydney! Congratulations on your new company and best wishes for a huge success! I’ve missed your blog!

  7. So glad you’re back we missed you

    • I feel so touch by you saying that! WordPress is always my heart to heart home!
      Though I’m away but I’m sure I’m not alone!
      You take care too and have a nice day! :)

  8. Congratulations on your skill and your hard work. I wish you every success with this project.

  9. We will await your return, patiently, Sydney. In the meantime, don’t worry too much about us. We’re here for ya!

  10. All the best to you! Cheers~ :D

    • Hey! I am exploring to put the 3d resin and other materials for necklance design.
      One day I might need your help!
      Thank you in advance!
      Have a good day! :)

      • Wow…I was just thinking about this during the other day when I watched a news clip concerning those 3-D Printing…LOL…

        I am still learning and more to learn in the coming days…hopefully I am able to contribute a little help in the future…

        Happy December and good luck! Cheers~ :D

  11. Thanks for keeping us updated, Sydney! Good luck with your new work, and be sure to keep strolling now and then to give your soul a break!

  12. Very cool, Sydney! Take your time, we won’t forget you when you get back to blogging. :)

  13. I hope to see you again blogging one of these days! :-)

  14. Cool! Be sure to take lots of 3D print pictures and share them on your blog :D

  15. You are missed! Best wishes with your new business and I hope to see you again in the upcoming months. :)

  16. Ni hao, ma! :-) I do hope you’ve been fine and healthy… my very best and friendly thoughts, Mélanie – Toulouse, France, “old Europe”… :-) Good luck in all your endeavours & have a serene day!

  17. Merry Christmas, my friend! All the best to you and your loved ones in year 2014.

    Cheers!! :D

  18. Happy New Year, Sydney! Hope you are doing well. Let us hear from you when you have time.

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