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3) Temp for a night!


merry christmas 01

Hi! Sydney is away for party fun today!

He put me on stool before he left the house, and demands me to put up the post for him tonight!

So, for the time being, I’ll be a temp staff for Addgrainonearth.

And while waiting for Santa Claus to come, I’ll sing along with you guys first!

Let’s start with the “Blue Christmas”!

Author: Sydney Fong

Hi, I am Sydney, a Singaporean. Making a living as an Architectural Illustrator, 3d product designer and visionary. My blog entails categories of my interest, joy, upheaval of life and its destiny. Every post has its own characteristic. It conveys a story of its own, and the life of its owner.

25 thoughts on “3) Temp for a night!

  1. Hi Sydney, Did your friend mean to type Santa not Satan? Or is that adorable puppy a devil worshiper?

  2. Aw, what a sweet little fellow you found to fill in for you Sydney. Happy Holidays!

  3. Sounds like Sydney is having a happy Christmas. I hope he left you a bone or something to chew on. And tell Sydney I said Merry Christmas.

    • Okay! I’ll tell him when he is back!
      I don’t have spare bone for you, but you still got to take care.
      And Merry Christmas to you!
      Remember if you want to drink don’t drive,
      want to drive don’t drink! Cheers!

  4. What a sweetheart! Furry little angel <3

    Merry Christmas, my friend from distant land!

    • Hey, Sydney is not back yet! I hope you can be my guardian just in case I can’t stand him any more!
      But mean while let’s keep it to ourselves, so I cougar hereby, wishing you stay young and healthy forever!

  5. Keith is away from the computer, so take a page from the Labrador’s book of how to get the message across without saying a word. You can always leave Sydney a warm steaming present in his favorite shoes. By the way watch out for Santa’s Reindeer they aren’t housebroken, hence why they are left on the roof.

  6. I just love your little dog. He is too cute!

  7. Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your dog a very happy and prosperous new year! :D

  8. Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!

  9. Oh my goodness, he’s adorable, LOL!

  10. Like the song “Blue Christmas” She has a great voice! Happy New Year, Dear Sydney!

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