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8) Dice your Life


Lately, I read an article on newly wed Chinese couple born after the 80s.  They have innovated a special dice.  The shape does not defer much from the traditional rounded cube, rather of showing number 1-6 on the six-face dice, this one has daily activities like ‘laundry’, ‘cooking’, ‘wash dishes’, ‘buy groceries’, ‘run errand’, ‘staring blank’ etc. on the six-face dice.
The couple has to toss the die to decide their choice of house chore to be done for the day.  That’s a fair deal but it could be the starting of a nightmare for the husband.

It is a popular and trendy practice among the young couple.  Isn’t it an innovation, and creative idea used in an amazing way!

Author: Sydney Fong

Hi, I am Sydney, a Singaporean. Making a living as an Architectural Illustrator, 3d product designer and visionary. My blog entails categories of my interest, joy, upheaval of life and its destiny. Every post has its own characteristic. It conveys a story of its own, and the life of its owner.

26 thoughts on “8) Dice your Life

  1. I like the dice idea. uh huh!

  2. I have to agree with Emily, I think its a good idea for newly married couples :)

  3. It gives a whole new meaning to rolling craps, if you get cleanthe bathroom. :P

  4. hahaha! need to get my hands on one of these!

  5. Very creative idea! Smart couples!

  6. Yeah, it is indeed great. This way, you get to do the things you despise and can’t blame your spouse for making you do them, only your luck.:D

  7. That`s a great idea. It`s very similar to the folded squares of paper we used at school where you chose a number and colour and were told your fortune.

  8. Great idea! :) It is funny but very good! :)

  9. Eat your Luke Reinhart out!
    Perhaps a set for the bedroom to keep the marriage interesting?! ;)

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