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35) Where is your Bandstand?


This is the only bandstand in my memory since childhood.  For some, when you ask the question around, the answer might not be great difference.  Yes, we are back to Singapore Botanic Gardens again. 

With fair skin and elegant appearance, this octagonal classic beauty was refaced in 1930.  It was erected in the 1860s as a focus point of Botanic Gardens.  For sure, that was our grandparents or even our great grandparents’ time.  But it has retired from its military band performance.  So, let’s listen to the musical flow in the charming winds and cicadas’ call.

And so, where is your Bandstand?  Mine is in this lovely garden.  Anywhere, in any of its piece of greenery!

Author: Sydney Fong

Hi, I am Sydney, a Singaporean. Making a living as an Architectural Illustrator, 3d product designer and visionary. My blog entails categories of my interest, joy, upheaval of life and its destiny. Every post has its own characteristic. It conveys a story of its own, and the life of its owner.

27 thoughts on “35) Where is your Bandstand?

  1. I agreed for such a lovely place.

  2. Hi Sydney, When I was growing up in Queens, New York, there was a bandstand in Forest Park, the sight of many lovely musical evenings., and also in Manhattan, at Lewisohn Stadium. It was an awareness our predecessors had of the importance of culture, which is sadly fading in the 21st century.

  3. I am going to look through my photos. I think I have one when I was visiting the Victorian Gardens in Halifax Nova Scotia!! Beautiful photo…

  4. I was just saying to another blogger how bandstands = memories of childhood! By the way.. Join in..if you’d like, I think its fun..

  5. I remember seeing this beautiful bandstand, and wishing that there would be a band playing music there. ;)

  6. Hiya! I nominated you for the inspiring blogger award.
    You can check out the link here:

  7. These gardens are magnificent, Sydney. Always enjoy the images you take in them.

    • I am sorry, I personally feel that a 3months old Blogger, don’t deserve any award from anybody,I prefer to spend most of the time on Blogging solid and inspire contents, hope you don’t might I said that. But truly, is my honor to receive this appreciation, I hope you understand my unusual thought. :)

  8. For me it isn’t a bandstand–but a library. The feeling I have toward it is the same though–if for different reasons, and necessarily different recollect. Lovely as ever, Sydney. :)

  9. Wow it’s a beautiful place! Reminds me of Mulan :) Wish I had one of my own. I often used to see such bandstand at the pagoda and I love to sit in it and admire the nature all around…

  10. I have been visiting many city gardens of Europe, and none as good as Singapore botanic garden =). I love the gardens here.

  11. There is a bandstand in the main park in town. It still gets used for several concerts in the summer.

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