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8) What are your 3 favorite words that start off with alphabet D?


Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Picture taken f...


Mountain broken down into walls, and dignity stays.
Wall broken down into bricks, and dignity stays
Workers broken down into day and night, and dignity stays

One of the port turboprops of US Coast Guard L...


Propellers in the sky, is driven by a dream
Alice in Wonderland, is written by a dream
A moon walker, started off being a dreamer, dreaming day and night.

English: dew on grass Français : rosée sur une...


Sea rushes to the shore and debarks on a green land.
Vapor rushes to the dawn and debarks to a diamond-like dew.
Rain rushes to the land and debarks on a boundless green.

Author: Sydney Fong

Hi, I am Sydney, a Singaporean. Making a living as an Architectural Illustrator, 3d product designer and visionary. My blog entails categories of my interest, joy, upheaval of life and its destiny. Every post has its own characteristic. It conveys a story of its own, and the life of its owner.

30 thoughts on “8) What are your 3 favorite words that start off with alphabet D?

  1. Great words starting with D – love them all. Could also be Delight, Delicious and for me – Dad.

  2. Love your words Sydney. Mine would be “Diversity, Disenfranchised, & Dominating.” Self explanatory! :)

  3. lunch time is here so I will DINE
    on something DELICIOUS and really DEVINE

    then comes DIRTY DISHES there is no DOUBT
    Next time I eat I will DINE out

  4. dogs, dandelions, dancing :-)

  5. Dream , Dancing and Delicious are mine! :-)

  6. Definitely Dinner with a good Dessert ;)

  7. Dreams, diligent, and…… delicious… as in chocolate :D But I like your 3 very much!

  8. Dad, Dreams and Dinner… :)

  9. Drink, drank …. and drunk!

  10. Dream. Dessert. Drink. ;)

  11. Great post! D… it’s the first letter of my name! Daphnée, lol. I’d say Dream, like you, then Destiny and Dove. :)

  12. Great post! Watashi suki your blog! Thanks for sharing! :) Yoi ichinichi o!

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